Hearts of Stone Paranormal Protection Agency

He feels a pull toward her he can’t explain, especially not to Gran, who hates anything human. When the chips are down, gran comes through, but will the secret he’s kept close to his heart for centuries destroy them all? Sometimes things that go bump in the night make the best bodyguards. When iliona is attacked by a demon, help comes from an unexpected source… Cal, the hot gargoyle from her local coffee shop.

Her stone hottie has some secrets of his own though, namely a ‘twin’ born of stone and just as hot as he is. With everything from a demon to redcaps trying to kill her, can Iliona track down a serial killer before she becomes his next victim?Born of stone to protect… They’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Freed from their curse Cal and Gran relish their new freedom. Working at frankie’s coffee Shop isn’t the most glamorous, but it beats sitting on the roof of a church. And for cal, frankie’s has another advantage…the curvy beauty who comes in for coffee.

Adored by the Alien Assassin Warriors of the Lathar Book 5

And a total liar…when the hot ‘doctor’ who arrives to see her sick charge, Jac wright knows he’s not on the level. Tiny. Will he realise what she’s offering, or will jac be forced to go to extreme measures to claim her alien assassin’s heart?This is the fifth story in the Warriors of the Lathar Series:1 - Alien Lord's Captive2 - Claiming her Alien Warrior3 - Pregnant by the Alien Healer4 - Alien Healer's Baby Slice of Life story5 - Adored by the Alien Assassin.

Gorgeous. After all… she’s only one tiny little woman. Then the shit hits the fan, aliens attack and she finds herself on an alien ship with her charge frozen into a giant blue popsicle. What’s a girl to do? Kiss the hot alien, then knock him out of course. Delicate. Which is a problem when other, breaking out of an alien brig is child’s play, bad aliens board the ship… with an assassin on side though, but comes with a price: Rynn’s trust.

But once on lathar prime her lover seems less than interested in bringing their relationship into the light of day. Bring her back. He’d thought the warriors who’d fallen for human women had defective genes, that there was something wrong in their makeup that allowed them to fall prey to their human mates.

Sent to earth to retrieve the lady jessica’s sick sister, if he spends a little time getting to know the local culture… well, he’s anticipating an easy trip and, that’s just a perk of the job. What could possibly go wrong?Apparently… everything.

The Wolf, The Curse And The Party Paranormal Protection Agency Book 2

Not after one date ended up with green acne, another with a nose like Pinocchio. The list went on. Out of options, eloise ends up at the offices of the Paranormal Protection Agency. One Wolf. She needs to find a date for the annual hospital ball, and fast. She's not sure what to expect but she certainly doesn't expect Jared Stone.

The trouble is she's not only man-free but after her bastard of an ex had a nasty little curse hurled her way, no human guy will touch her with a barge-pole. One Night. Eloise is a woman on a mission. No-one expects Stone. Nb: previously released under a different title. One curse.

Seduced by Santa Paranormal Protection Agency Book 3

This year though, a break-in and damage from vandals means the party could be cancelled. A santa who hates christmas…Rhod is…was…a Santa. Can he hold out against a woman with Christmas spirit in her heart, or will he lose his own in the process? Determined to do something about it, for the last couple of years she's arranged a Christmas Party, complete with a visit from Santa for the neighbourhood kids.

A woman determined to spread the Christmas spirit…Former socialite turned community centre worker Candice Kane loves Christmas. For years he joined the other men in his family delivering presents, until the attitude and ungratefulness of the rich children he delivered to made him hang up his red suit.

In the run down area she works in, economics and rising unemployment mean that there isn't a lot of Christmas spirit to go around. Working for the paranormal Protection Agency, he's convinced himself that he's happier without being the big guy anymore. When he and his partner rescue Candy from an attack in a secluded alley, all Rhod's decisions are put to the test.


Dragon's Honor Paranormal Protection Agency Book 6

Fire isn’t the only thing that’s heating up. Shadow-dragon brothers Baron and Duke are on a mission. But honor’s father is up to no good, suspected in the illegal trading of paranormal slaves. Baron and duke are forced to go undercover as humans at the Croft house and suppress their natural calls to mate.

Because in this paranormal world full of conflict, the call of duty is no match… for the call of the wild. In this dark and steamy tale, passion is on a collision course with destiny. It’s a change of pace, especially when the brothers face off against redcaps and trolls who only want them dead. As the stakes grow higher, a stunning realization emerges – because Honor Croft is Baron’s mate.

The paranormal protection Agency has assigned them to protect Honor Croft, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. And when a crazed warlock kidnaps honor, is baron willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her? Or will this shadow-dragon be forced to extinguish his own passionate flame? In Dragon’s Honor, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mina Carter presents the latest installment of the Paranormal Protection Agency series.


Her Wolf to Command Paranormal Protection Agency Book 4

It’s going to be a full moon tonight. Ashlee bishop is human in a world teeming with paranormal creatures. When the pixies show up again, she’s helpless – until an ultra-sexy werewolf shows up and takes care of business. If she doesn’t pay up, Ashlee’s little bar might have an unfortunate… accident.

But ashlee can’t call the Paranormal Protection Agency to save her in time. But werewolves are known for being wild. At the bar that she owns, the beer is on tap and the money is flowing. That is, until a bunch of criminal pixies show up, demanding protection money. He’s everything ashlee wants – hot, strong, a protector with a body to die for.

Can love conquer all? and will this werewolf bare his teeth… or his heart? You’ll have to read to find out…NB - Previously published under the title 'Close Protection'. Can ashlee tame him before it’s too late?in wolf to command, new York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mina Carter presents a sexy and romantic tale of an unpredictable hero and the girl who wants to love him -- before his demons destroy them both.


Dragon's Chase Paranormal Protection Agency Book 7

He certainly didn’t expect a warrior every inch his match, or for her to slap him across the ass with her tail and take off across the city. With baron on a very personal protection detail, Duke has to fly solo on the pair’s investigation into the warlock who nearly killed Baron’s mate. Just one problem, his mate is working with the warlock.

Vowing to free them both will take skill and strength and she doesn’t need the distraction of a hot as hell male dragon trying to make his claim on her. Now she needs to get rid of him before he ruins her mission…Sleeping for centuries has it’s drawbacks, Chase knew that going in. Her mate. Not yet. The mission, or her heart.

So, dead or alive, he has to bring her in…She found the one thing she didn’t want. But can he convince her that he’s her dragon?Working for the Paranormal Protection Agency has never been boring, but shadow-dragon Duke didn’t expect to meet his mate in the line of duty. Can she have both? Or will she need one to complete the other?

What she didn’t expect was to wake with a Warlock’s spelled collar around her neck and to find her charge, the Queen’s daughter, in a cage. Even though her heart aches to complete their joining, she can’t. He’s found his mate.

What the Sleigh? Paranormal Protection Agency Book 8

True-blooded claus elf, and grandson of the original Santa, Nick Claus, knows how well and truly he's screwed things up with Rudi. Since then she's thrown herself into her work as an operative with the Paranormal Protection Agency and become one of their most trusted operatives. He can't have both. Last Christmas.

. Not only did one mistake lose him his lover, his childhood sweetheart and his best friend, but now all of the reindeer at the Pole hate him and draw straws to see who has to pull his sleigh. After five years though, he's managed to track her down to the PPA and he's determined to win her back, even if he has to go undercover as Santa to do it.

Unfortunately there's an armed gang looking to make a killing, maybe literally, and Nick has to make a decision. Save rudi or be Santa. Because the b*stard broke it five years ago. Well, okay, it's been five years since were-reindeer Rudi left the North Pole and vowed never to have anything to do with Christmas again.

She didn't give him her heart. Until someone decides that the holiday season is the perfect time to pull armed heists on a few Santa's Grotto's in the city and relieve some parents of their valuables.

Born with a Silver Moon: Galaxa Warriors Paranormal Dating Agency Book 15

Completely standalone **discover a brand new race of Alpha males ready to find their mates in a dangerous warrior planet. Jag. She refuses to admit jag is exactly the man she wants, even if matchmaker Gerri Wilder says it's in the cards. In the midst of palace intrigue, Riley's swept up in scandal and danger that drags her beyond the Galaxa she's come to know.

. Sassy women traveling with Gerri Wilder are in for the journey of a lifetime and a mate that will love them through the galaxy. No way. Attention is something riley parks usually shies away from, but when she finds herself on a shifter planet in a distant galaxy, attention is exactly what she's getting. Not used to rejection, he's willing to do anything to get his mate.

With her life in the balance, Jag will have to find her before it's too late or lose her forever. Especially from one smokin' hot hunk of a man. She turns his world upside down and his inner lion is clawing to claim her. What he didn't expect was a feisty hellcat waiting to be unleashed beneath her quiet exterior.

Riley and jag are thrown together to help plan a royal wedding and coronation. A little taste might not hurt, though, and womanizer, right?Royal prince, warrior, Jag Kasaval has his sights set on Riley.

Alien Healer’s Baby Warriors of the Lathar Book 4

He’s about to become a father… of a little girl. He’s studied childbirth, he’s confident that he has everything planned. Unfortunately, as any human woman could tell him, having a baby doesn’t always go to plan…This short story is set in the WARRIORS OF THE LATHAR world and is not a stand alone.

. The first female child born for a generation. Laarn, lord healer of the Lathar, is about to become something unique among his people. It should be read after pregnant by the alien healer and is a little bite of life story for those who fell in love with the Lathar and their mates.

Blood Mate Project Rebellion Book 2

Now he’s a monster created in a lab. Darce is this close to escaping his creators—until another of the Project’s experiments stops him in his tracks. Not because she has the power to hold him, but because he instantly recognizes the impossible. Bring in a lycan and she goes free. Can she trust his word? can she afford not to if there’s a chance she can escape and live again? Can she… when the Lycan she’s supposed to bring in becomes her very reason for living?He was a soldier, until the project got hold of him.

A blood-infected subject, she lives to serve the command of the powers that be, aka vampire, but that hasn’t stopped her looking for a way out. Nb: please be aware that this previously published with a different publisher under the same titlE. Escaping from the Project comes with a price: the life of another.

Once a soldier, Toni is now less than human. With added zombie spidermen. When they discover that the Project is hiding yet more secrets, they must work together to bring it down…or die in the attempt. Product warnings : contains a cocky wolf who won’t take no for an answer, an ice-queen losing her cool and a pack full of hunky werewolves bent on rescue.

The vampire female is his mate. Allowing her to bring him in is his only choice—and possibly the last mistake of his life.