The Secret Pleasures of Menopause 3-CD

Life has just begun! it is the beginning of a very exciting and fulfilling time, full of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams!Dr. Northrup candidly guides you toward experiencing life after 50 as the most pleasurable time of your life! Used book in Good Condition. The secret pleasures of Menopause is a groundbreaking work that is long overdue! Christiane Northrup, M.

D. Delivers a breakthrough message that will help millions and millions of perimenopausal and menopausal women just like you understand that at menopause. It is a long-held misconception that menopause signals "the beginning of the end, " and nothing could be further from the truth. In this fascinating work, Dr.

Northrup believes that it’s time for you to step forward and learn to enjoy the best years of your life! Even though studies show that menopause doesn’t decrease libido, or sexual satisfaction, ease of reaching orgasm, the majority of menopausal women aren’t experiencing the pleasure and sexual satisfaction that is their birthright.


Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom 2-CD set

And much, much more! Used book in Good Condition. Inspired by her best-selling book of the same name,  Dr. Christiane northrup brings you a powerful CD program that explores the unity of mind and body and the crucial role of the human spirit in creating health. You’ll learn: how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can have organ-specific consequences and which ones can promote health and well-being; why a woman’s own intuitive understanding of her body is as important as her doctor’s assessment; why prescribing medicine or recommending surgery for a health concern is only one of many possible options.


Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being

Northrup’s 14-day ageless goddess Program, soulful, your personal prescription for creating a healthful, joyful new way of being at any stage of life. Agelessness is all about vitality, the creative force that gives birth to new life. Goddesses never age is filled with tools and inspiration for bringing vitality and vibrancy into your own ageless years—and it all comes together in Dr.

But as christiane Northrup, M. D. We have it in us to make growing older an entirely different experience, shows us in this New York Times best-selling guide, both for our bodies and for our souls. Though we talk about wanting to "age gracefully, we’re programmed to dread an inevitable decline: in our health, our looks, " the truth is that when it comes to getting older, our sexual relationships, even the pleasure we take in living life.

The secret prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being. In chapters that blend personal stories and practical exercises with the latest research on health and aging, Dr. Northrup explains. Northrup lays out the principles of ageless living, from rejecting processed foods to releasing stuck emotions, from embracing our sensuality to connecting deeply with our Divine Source.

Explaining that the state of our health is dictated far more by our beliefs than by our biology, or getting the right procedure done, isn’t the prescription for anti-aging, she works to shift our perceptions about getting older and show us what we are entitled to expect from our later years—no matter what our culture tries to teach us to the contrary—including:• Vibrant good health • A fulfilling sex life • The capacity to love without losing ourselves • The ability to move our bodies with ease and pleasure • Clarity and authenticity in all our relationships—especially the one we have with ourselves "Taking all the right supplements and pills, " Dr.

The Power of Joy: How the Deliberate Pursuit of Pleasure

The secret prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being. Joy even positively affects your metabolism. When you move toward that which is most fulfilling and life-enhancing—with joy and pleasure—healing follows. Christiane Northrup, M. D. Overcome habitual patterns of negative thinking, guilt, and pain; and use intention to evoke the power of joy right now! Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. With better hormonal balance and immune-system functioning. Life is meant to be joyous! We are pleasure-seeking creatures by nature. On this cd program, you’ll find your ten-step prescription for bringing joy into your life every day. Joy makes you younger, more intuitive, smarter, and healthier .


Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Revised Edition: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing

When it was first published in 1994, women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom quickly became an international bestseller, and it has remained the veritable bible of women’s health. Now, in this revised and updated edition, world-renowned and much-beloved women’s health expert Dr. The secret prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being.

Christiane northrup shares with us the latest developments and advances that will maximize our potential for living well in our bodies today. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Inside you will discover • new material on sexuality—and how to have a more fulfilling sex life• the spiritual and scientific principles behind healing from terminal illnesses, men, and immune system health• the importance of the preconception diet and how to greatly decrease your risk of birth defects• how to birth naturally, cardiovascular, despite the current induction and C-section epidemic• all you need to know about thyroid function, including proper blood tests• life-saving facts about cellular inflammation—the root cause of all chronic degenerative diseases—and how to prevent this condition• the essentials on the “fountain of youth molecule”—and how to enhance your levels of it for vibrant health Living a healthy life in a woman’s body can be downright fun—even ecstatic! And that’s good news for everyone—women, and how you can utilize these principles for your own health and the health of others• vital information about how to truly dissolve PMS and ease menstrual cramps• extraordinary facts on Vitamin D—and why it is crucial for breast, and their children.

. Bantam.

Inside-Out Wellness: The Wisdom of Mind/Body Healing

As you listen, traditional beliefs, you’ll discover how to transform the old habits, and everyday thoughts that keep you from becoming all that you can be. Dr. The secret prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being. Bantam. This inspirational and informative 4-CD program features two of the leading experts in the field of self-development and health.

Used book in Good Condition. Wayne W. Dyer will show you how to change your self-defeating thinking habits and live in the flow of harmony and peace: “When you let go of your excuses and retrain your thinking, you can create the life you want. Christiane Northrup, M. D. Invites you to rewire your thought patterns and let your past go so you can reawaken your passions and follow your bliss: “When you dare to cultivate pleasure instead of stress, you create a life of unbridled joy and vibrant health.

Together, illuminate what is actually true, these two best-selling authors address the false beliefs you harbor regarding mind/body wellness, and reveal how you can use that knowledge to heal and empower yourself from the inside out! Used book in Good Condition.