Sir Gawain and the Green Knight A New Verse Translation

W. W. Norton & Company - . Compulsively readable. Simon armitage has given us an energetic, free-flowing, high-spirited version. Edward hirsch, who rudely interrupts king arthur's round table festivities one Yuletide, ?Sir Gawain? is the strange tale of a green knight on a green horse, New York Times Book ReviewOne of the earliest great stories of English literature after ?Beowulf?, challenging the knights to a wager.

Simon armitrage, one of britain's leading poets, has produced an inventive and groundbreaking translation that "helps liberate ?Gawain ?from academia" ?Sunday Telegraph? .

Beowulf Bilingual Edition

W. W. Norton & Company - In the contours of this story, at once remote and uncannily familiar at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney finds a resonance that summons power to the poetry from deep beneath its surface. New york times bestseller and winner of the Whitbread Award. Composed toward the end of the first millennium, later, Beowulf is the elegiac narrative of the adventures of Beowulf, a Scandinavian hero who saves the Danes from the seemingly invincible monster Grendel and, from Grendel's mother.

He then returns to his own country and dies in old age in a vivid fight against a dragon. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it, and then having to live on in the exhausted aftermath. Drawn to what he has called the "four-squareness of the utterance" in ?Beowulf? and its immense emotional credibility, Heaney gives these epic qualities new and convincing reality for the contemporary reader.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight & Five “King Arthur” Bonus works: Le Morte d'Arthur, Idylls of the King, King Arthur and His Knights, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and A Connecticut Yankee in King

- It is an important poem in the romance genre, which typically involves a hero who goes on a quest which tests his prowess, and it remains popular to this day in modern English renderings from J. R. Tolkien, simon armitage and others, as well as through film and stage adaptations. It describes how sir gawain, a knight of king arthur's round Table, accepts a challenge from a mysterious "Green Knight" who challenges any knight to strike him with his axe if he will take a return blow in a year and a day.

Sir gawain and the green Knight is a late 14th-century Middle English chivalric romance. Gawain accepts and beheads him with his blow, at which the Green Knight stands up, picks up his head and reminds Gawain of the appointed time. In his struggles to keep his bargain gawain demonstrates chivalry and loyalty until his honor is called into question by a test involving Lady Bertilak, the lady of the Green Knight's castle.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight & Five “King Arthur” Bonus works: Le Morte d'Arthur, Idylls of the King, King Arthur and His Knights, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and A Connecticut Yankee in King - The poem survives in a single manuscript, the Cotton Nero A. X. Which also includes three religious narrative poems: Pearl, Purity and Patience. Written in stanzas of alliterative verse, each of which ends in a rhyming bob and wheel, it draws on Welsh, Irish and English stories, as well as the French chivalric tradition.

R. The green knight is interpreted by some as a representation of the Green Man of folklore and by others as an allusion to Christ.

Aeneid of Virgil Illustrated

- This e-book publication is unique which includes detailed Biography and Illustrations. A new table of contents has been included by the publisher. This edition has been corrected for spelling and grammatical errors.

Gilgamesh: A New English Version

Atria Books - I consider it to be among the greatest things that can happen to a person. The epic is the story of literature's first hero -- the king of Uruk in what is present-day Iraq -- and his journey of self-discovery. Lost for almost two millennia, the eleven clay tablets on which the epic was inscribed were discovered in 1853 in the ruins of Nineveh, and the text was not deciphered and fully translated until the end of the century.

Along the way, that a preemptive attack on a monster can have dire consequences, Gilgamesh discovers that friendship can bring peace to a whole city, and that wisdom can be found only when the quest for it is abandoned. In giving voice to grief and the fear of death -- perhaps more powerfully than any book written after it -- in portraying love and vulnerability and the ego's hopeless striving for immortality, the epic has become a personal testimony for millions of readers in dozens of languages.

Gilgamesh: A New English Version - . Gilgamesh is considered one of the masterpieces of world literature, and although previously there have been competent scholarly translations of it, until now there has not been a version that is a superlative literary text in its own right. Gilgamesh is stupendous, " he wrote. Acclaimed translator stephen mitchell's lithe, intelligent, muscular rendering allows us to enter an ancient masterpiece as if for the first time, to see how startlingly beautiful, and alive it is.

His insightful introduction provides a historical, spiritual, and cultural context for this ancient epic, showing that Gilgamesh is more potent and fascinating than ever. Gilgamesh dates from as early as 1700 BCE -- a thousand years before the Iliad.

Le Morte Darthur: The Winchester Manuscript Oxford World's Classics

OUP Oxford - A pervading tension cumulates in the revelation of Lancelot and Guenivere's illicit passion, and in Arthur's powerlessness to prevent a related outbreak of violence and revenge. This generously annotated edition is based on the authoritative Winchester manuscript and represents what Malory wrote more closely than the first version printed by William Caxton.

Intelligently abridged from the original to make a single substantial volume, a Glossary, the translation is supplemented by a fine Introduction, and extensive NotesABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. In a resonant prose style, malory charts the tragic disintegration of the fellowship of the Round Table, destroyed from within by warring factions.

Le Morte Darthur: The Winchester Manuscript Oxford World's Classics - Recounting the life of king arthur, sir tristram, and the quest for the Holy Grail, the knightly exploits of Sir Lancelot du Lake, Sir Gawain, Le MorteDarthur depicts the contradictions that underscore the Fellowship's chivalric ideals. The definitive english version of the stories of King Arthur, Le Morte Darthur was completed in 1469-70 by Sir Thomas Malory, `knight-prisoner'.

Each affordable volume reflects oxford's commitment to scholarship, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, including expert introductions by leading authorities, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, and much more.

Walking Home: A Poet's Journey

Liveright - Armitage reflects on the inextricable link between freedom and fear as well as the poet’s place in our bustling world. Nineteen days, 256 miles, and one renowned poet walking the backbone of England. The wandering poet has always been a feature of our cultural imagination. Walking “the backbone of england” by day accompanied by friends, dogs, and a backpack full of Mars Bars, strangers, family, the unpredictable English weather, each evening he gives a poetry reading in a different village in exchange for a bed.

The romantic poets tramped all over the Lake District searching for inspiration. Now simon armitage, with equal parts enthusiasm and trepidation, as well as a wry humor all his own, has taken on Britain’s version of our Appalachian Trail: the Pennine Way. In armitage’s own words, “to embark on the walk is to surrender to its lore and submit to its logic, and to take up a challenge against the self.

Walking Home: A Poet's Journey - ”. Odysseus journeys home, his famous flair for storytelling seducing friend and foe.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Original and Translation

- Different critics have expressed numerous different interpretations, from political metaphor to Christian apocalyptic allegory, all valid readings of this multi-layered classic. This edition provides both the original Middle English text, along with a literal translation into modern English in prose. A classic poem of the medieval romantic tradition, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight stands out from contemporary works with its complex, ambiguous plot and its rich use of symbolism.

Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Tolkien completed his translation of Beowulf in 1926: he returned to it later to make hasty corrections, but seems never to have considered its publication. New york times bestseller“A thrill. This edition includes an illuminating written commentary on the poem by the translator himself, drawn from a series of lectures he gave at Oxford in the 1930s.

Essential for students of the Old English poem—and the ideal gift for devotees of the One Ring. Kirkus. His creative attention to detail in these lectures gives rise to a sense of the immediacy and clarity of his vision. Beowulf was Tolkien’s lodestar. Everything he did led up to or away from it. New yorker   J.

Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary - R. R. It is as if tolkien entered into the imagined past: standing beside beowulf and his men shaking out their mail-shirts as they beach their ship on the coast of Denmark, listening to Beowulf’s rising anger at Unferth’s taunting, or looking up in amazement at Grendel’s terrible hand set under the roof of Heorot.

Paradise Lost Penguin Classics

Penguin - In paradise lost milton produced poem of epic scale, conjuring up a vast, awe-inspiring cosmos and ranging across huge tracts of space and time. Written when milton was in his fifties - blind, bitterly disappointed by the Restoration and briefly in danger of execution - Paradise Lost's apparent ambivalence towards authority has led to intensedebate about whether it manages to 'justify the ways of God to men', or exposes the cruelty of Christianity.

And yet, in putting a charismatic satan and naked Adam and Eve at the centre of this story, he also created an intensely human tragedy on the Fall of Man.