Secret Wishes and Summer Kisses on Lily Pond Lane

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - The pages just flew past and I was enthralled in all the various plot lines. Rachel's random reads“what a fabulous end to the series! i can’t wait to see what emily harvale comes up with next!” – rae reads book blog"one of the most incredible serials I have ever read, and I am incredibly proud of the author for what she has achieved over the last eight books" – The Writing Garnet“Not only do I recommend reading this Gorgeous Book, but I highly recommend the whole series!” – Dash Fan Book Reviews“I’ve loved every story in this series and this is no exception.

Now she’s expecting twins and is simply wishing it all goes well. And as for Hettie. Because there’s something hidden in Little Pondale that Hettie Turner really wants to find. This is the final book in the Lily Pond Lane series and this is what readers are saying about it. Emily harvale has surpassed herself with this book, its a pure joy to read, and I really did enjoy every moment of it.

Secret Wishes and Summer Kisses on Lily Pond Lane #ad - And even though it is time to say goodbye to these characters they will always be in my reading heart!” – Audio Killed The Bookmark“This last instalment is every bit as good as we’d expect from this super author. Books are cool“i so enjoyed it but am sad knowing that there won’t be anymore. Luckily i can always go back and re read them again.


A Wedding on Lily Pond Lane

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - A gorgeously uplifting, romantic and heartwarming read. The angel bell is ringing for mia and jet’s big day – but will the Wedding of the Year go without a hitch?Every bride wants the perfect wedding and Mia Ward is no exception. And when you’ve dreamt about planning weddings all your life, how difficult can it be?Will this be the chance Breanna’s longed for? Or will Mia’s Dream Wedding be Breanna’s biggest disaster yet?What readers and reviewers are saying about this series:"Harvale has created such a great series with wonderful stories and unforgettable characters.

Devilishly delicious book reviews - reviewer"Definitely a perfect pick me up! " Rae Reads - reviewer"This book is an absolute delight to read. Sibzzreads – reviewer. She should be over the moon. The fairytale vibe of the storyline and the magicalesque way the author brought the book together, just blew my mind.

A Wedding on Lily Pond Lane #ad - The writing garnet – reviewer"A super story, totally absorbing and with exactly the right balance of humour and emotion. Books are cool - reviewer"i felt like i was a part the journey, helping out planning the wedding, spending time with friends, falling in love with some yummy characters…" – Jess Bookish Life – reviewer "I cannot seem to get enough of Ms.

. Especially as she’ll get a chance to see old friends again, including her first love. Breanna doesn’t have a wedding-planning business.


New Beginnings at Wynter House Wyntersleap series Book 2

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - Perhaps she should enlist her niece, sasha’s help because just when she thought she had found the love of her life, old secrets, ghosts from the past, and new arrivals might shatter all her dreams. And it’s not just adam and Rafe Wynter who are pleased Hazel and Amelia have come to stay. At least she has her best friend, Jo Duncan to lean on.

The new year brings unexpected revelations at Wynter House. Neva grey’s Christmas brought several surprises. But newly single, jo is determined to have some fun, both at Wynter House and in Merriment Bay. And so is Adam Wynter. This is book two in the Wyntersleap series but it can be read as a standalone. And relatives to Wynter House.

New Beginnings at Wynter House Wyntersleap series Book 2 #ad - It also brings Hazel Smart and Amelia Goodbody. The wyntersleap series is interlinked with the Merriment Bay series and several characters appear in both series. Olivia wynter will enjoy bossing nurse hazel around and she also makes it clear Amelia – who is handling the marketing for Rafe’s new business venture – is far more suited to be her grandson’s girlfriend than Neva will ever be.

Whilst amelia is ensconced at Wynter House, Neva is busy with her new hair and beauty salon in Merriment Bay. Now a shocking secret has life-changing consequences for the Wynters, as the New Year brings revelations.


Return to Lily Pond Lane

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - Gemmasbookreviews - "a gorgeous read that is jam packed with heart, love and emotion and I absolutely loved every moment of this book. Stacy is Reading – reviewer. An emotive and heartwarming read which made me want to hug my loved ones even tighter. The writing Garnet – reviewer. The drama in this book will definitely keep you on your toes.

Audio killed The Bookmark – reviewer. A charming, at times heartbreaking mix of family, friendship, adversity, touching moments, heartache, and small-town living. What’s better Than Books – reviewer. Harvale really involved my emotions in this book, and that is what always connects me with her characters" – Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews – reviewer.

Return to Lily Pond Lane #ad - Superbly written, heart Warming, Emotional, Cleverly Plotted Twists. Dash fan book reviews - reviewer"full of heart-breaking moments and tender writing, " – Stardust Book Reviews – reviewer. If you’re looking for a warm community with great characters, with plenty of twists and turns alongside multiple romances and relationships, look no further" Splashes Into Books - reviewer"Emily’s writing is so warm and approachable and very easy to read, it carries you through the story effortlessly.

A little book problem - reviewer"i love how new characters in this series are all incorporated into village life and there is always a great feeling of community and friendship. Just when she thought she had everything, there’s a very real chance she might lose the only thing she truly wants.


Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Two: Sparks Fly

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - Cat devon knew she couldn’t avoid Amias Wells for long. I couldn’t bear to break off from reading this fabulous part of the story. It forms book one in emily Harvale's Merriment Bay series which is interconnected to her Wyntersleap series. The parts are:coming home to merriment bay - part one: a reunioncoming home to merriment Bay - Part Two: Sparks FlyComing Home to Merriment Bay - Part Three: ChristmasComing Home to Merriment Bay - Part Four: Starry SkiesThis is a novel told in four parts.

She’s happy with her life just the way it is. Apart from the fact they don’t get on, amias wasn’t interested in Cat before the accident that left the ugly scars on her face and body, so he definitely won’t be attracted to her now. A very well deserved 5* out of 5*. 5 stars” – shalini’s books and reviews“i simple adore Emily Harvale’s addictive storytelling and her ability to get the most out of each and every one of her characters.

Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Two: Sparks Fly #ad - The writing garnet“there were a couple of unexpected revelations leaving the way open for more to come – and I can’t wait! Well worth all five stars. Grace j reviewerlady“emily harvale has once again stolen my heart with her compelling story telling!" – Audio Killed the Bookmark“Once I started to read the book, I didn’t move a muscle until I finished the last word on the last page.

So why does cat still catch her breath whenever he looks her way? The fact he flies a vintage Spitfire for the Merriment Bay WWII Museum doesn’t interest Cat, but his knowledge of the former RAF pilots stationed there certainly does. Besides, cat’s not looking for romance. Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series.


Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Four: Starry Skies

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - It forms book one in emily Harvale's Merriment Bay series which is interconnected to her Wyntersleap series. But is she too late? This is Part Four of a new, four-part serial. Part four of this heartwarming four-part serial about finding the strength to put the past behind you and to reach out for a future filled with happiness and love.

Cat is reeling from the unexpected events of Christmas and as Merriment Bay prepares to toast in the New Year, she’s facing choices she never thought she’d have to make. Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series. What readers and reviewers are saying:“The perfect end to what has been a truly wonderful reading experience.

Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Four: Starry Skies #ad - This one really pulled on my heart strings and I know it will stay with me for a long time to come. By the letter book reviews“wow oh wow!! What a series this has been! They are utterly fantastic reads which I haven’t been able to put down. Little miss book lover 87“this instalment certainly left me with tears in my eyes and a warm feeling in my heart!” – Stardust Book Reviews“The characters came home to Merriment Bay, and I found a home in this brilliant author’s words.

Shalini’s books and reviews“Beautifully written yet again, and thoroughly engrossing and engaging, a perfect conclusion to this fabulous series. Treat yourself to the whole series and just binge read it, you’ll be delighted that you did. Sibbzreads “i adored everything about this… definitely a full five flashing stars!” – Grace J Reviewer Lady“I loved every bit of it, and I even had to hold back a tear with the Granny Viola – Bailey bit.


Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Three: Christmas

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - But bailey mitchell lives thousands of miles away and is almost ninety-eight, so meeting him in person is never going to happen. They’re actually getting on, especially now that Mary is dating Jeremy Stone, the builder working on Viola’s house. Which is just as well. Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series.

What readers and reviewers are saying:“Emily has a wonderful way of bringing her characters to life, they become so vivid, that they become friends. Dash fan book reviews“the will-they, story continues with Amias and Cat, and it makes for page-turning, won’t-they, compulsive reading. Sibzzzreads “the characters are really jumping off of the pages” – Love the Smell of a Book“This is a fantastic story packed with great characters, a delightful community and lots of surprises.

Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part Three: Christmas #ad - Splashes into Books“This is feelgood reading at its best. Books, life and everything“another winner, earning a full five stars!” – Grace J Reviewerlady“Emily Harvale is a super talented lady and I absolutely adore her stories. Little miss book lover 87“emily harvale was a clever story spinner who gave me emotions yet kept me hanging at the edge of the cliff.

Shalini books and Reviews“I absolutely love these characters. Exchanging christmas cards and chatting on social media leads to revelations Cat had not expected. At least Christmas is looking promising.


Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part One: A Reunion

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - It’s time she came to terms with her past and made peace with her mum and her gran. But that’s not all Cat’s determined to do. She discovers a faded photo of an RAF pilot, a pile of unopened letters, and a mystery waiting to be solved. Who is the man in the – clearly treasured – photo? Cat and Kyra are intent on finding out.

Very highly recommended and i can’t wait to start part two – Sparks Fly!!” Donna’s Book Blog“A Fantastic Start, a New Must Read Series. Another Gem of a book. Dash fan book reviews“harvale’s writing is absolutely beautiful and I was immediately drawn into both the landscapes and the way of life in Merriment Bay.

Portable magic“as always, Emily Harvale’s wonderful writing doesn’t disappoint. Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series. What readers are saying about this book: “ever wondered how to kick start a new series? THIS is the way to do it! What a brilliant, brilliant start to a new series! I just love the way she writes multi-layered stories flawlessly and in a way that I always want more.

Coming Home to Merriment Bay: Part One: A Reunion #ad - The writing garnet“This book hooked me from the very first page. I had to know what had been keeping Cat away for so long. I loved every single character” – Audio Killed the Bookmark“This book is a brilliant start to a series. Plucking up the courage to open the letter, its contents send Cat and her teenage daughter, Kyra racing to Merriment Bay, the seaside village where Cat grew up.


Christmas at Wynter House Wyntersleap series Book 1

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - Emily harvale is a force to be reckoned with and as long as she keeps writing books, I’ll sure as hell keep reading them. The writing garnet“another amazing book from this phenomenal author, the queen of the cozy romance! Emily’s storytelling is so descriptive and magical, I am always ready to pack my bags and head to whatever small town she is writing about.

Audio killed the bookmark“with absolutely fabulous characters I found myself ‘just reading one more chapter’ every night. Adam’s elder brother, Rafe is less than pleased. After a frosty welcome, things soon heat up at Wynter House. Except it’s not. Neva grey is looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas with her family in the cosy cottage they’ve rented in the picture-postcard village of Wyntersleap.

Christmas at Wynter House Wyntersleap series Book 1 #ad - She’s going to need it this Christmas at Wynter House. This is book one in the Wyntersleap series but it can be read as a standalone. Being anne "i adore her wit and clever levity; and, if you are paying attention – she tosses in sudden nimble dashes and subtle nips of grin producing irony for an added treat.

Books and bindings“if ever there was a book that would get you into the festive mood, then Christmas at Wynter House by Emily Harvale is that book. Books of all kinds "a truly superb read, and i cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to more about Wyntersleap and Merriment Bay! I have no hesitation at all in recommending this one, and happily award it all five sparkly stars!" - Grace J.

This is one Christmas Cracker of a read.


Christmas on Lily Pond Lane: A fabulously festive, heartwarming romance in the Lily Pond Lane series

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - And reverend glen fox has taken over at St Michael and All Angels. He’s glad it’s a temporary post because village life is not for him. But luckily, for locals and visitors alike, there’s a sleigh-load of Christmas magic heading for Lily Pond Lane; enough to put a sparkle in everyone’s festive season.

She’d planned to rent out corner Cottage for Christmas but thanks to best friend, Ella Swann, it’s double-booked. Now mia’s got to let one ‘party’ down, or find another cottage – fast. Best friends and single mums, Cathy Cole and Christy Franks want their kids to have an old-fashioned Christmas.

Although christmas may not go quite as each of them has planned. What readers and reviewers are saying about this book and the series: "love everything to do with Lily Pond Lane and its characters" – Rachel's Random Reads - TOP 500 REVIEWER"An idyllic read that really gets you in the festive mood. That will make it harder for Cathy to be found.

Christmas on Lily Pond Lane: A fabulously festive, heartwarming romance in the Lily Pond Lane series #ad - City banker, leo hardman is wondering if renting a cottage for Christmas as an anniversary surprise for his parents, was such a good idea. Little pondale may be where his parents met, but his mum doesn’t seem pleased to be back, and his brother, Hal isn’t happy that the village is so tiny and only has one pub.

Especially as it has no mobile phone reception. Ice-skating, making decorations, carol singing, and tobogganing are on their list of festive fun and Little Pondale is the perfect place.


The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane-Part Four: Trick or treat

Crescent Gate Publishing #ad - Mia ward was amazed to inherit her great-aunt matilda’s thatched cottage in the tiny seaside village of Little Pondale – especially as Mia didn’t know she had a great-aunt Matilda. She was even more astonished to discover she’d only inherit the place if she lives there for a year. With a beautiful setting, romance and intrigue, this really is a fantastic series.

Sibzzreads. Now just who can mia trust? as the nights draw in and cold winds steal through Sunbeam Cottage, she turns to an unlikely source for comfort and support. She may have finally beaten one fear, but now heartbreak threatens to drown her. And when at last, she starts to unravel the mystery of Matilda’s past, she uncovers an extraordinary plan for her own future.

The Cottage on Lily Pond Lane-Part Four: Trick or treat #ad - But a lot can happen in a very short time, and life in Little Pondale is not going quite as Mia hoped. Emily you are quickly becoming one of my favourite authors!” – Katie’s Book Cave - Reviewer"Charming and engaging read that I struggled to put down. By the letter book reviews - Reviewer "The storyline keeps getting better with each moment that passes.

Jess bookish life – Reviewer. Reviewer "emily harvale is a truly wonderful writer and I wish I had discovered her books much earlier. A lover of books – reviewer "the engaging plot is a lovely mix of budding romance, community, family, sentimental moments, friendship, and a touch of mystery.