New People

Riverhead Books #ad - Riverhead. Heartbreaking and darkly comic, New People is a bold and unfettered page-turner that challenges our every assumption about how we define one another, and ourselves. They are the perfect couple, "King and Queen of the Racially Nebulous Prom. Their skin is the same shade of beige. They've even landed a starring role in a documentary about "new people" like them, who are blurring the old boundaries as a brave new era dawns.

As fantasy escalates to fixation, it dredges up secrets from the past and threatens to unravel not only Maria's perfect new life but her very persona. Magazine • pop sugar • newsday • the millions • time out • Bitch • CNN's The Lead • The Fader"A cutting take on race and class. Part dark comedy, part surreal morality tale.

New People #ad - They live together in a black bohemian enclave in Brooklyn, where Khalil is riding the wave of the first dot-com boom and Maria is plugging away at her dissertation, on the Jonestown massacre. Disturbing and delicious. People"you’ll gulp senna’s novel in a single sitting—but then mull over it for days.

Entertainment Weekly"Everyone should read it. Voguefrom the bestselling author of Caucasia, a subversive and engrossing novel of race, class and manners in contemporary America.


Caucasia: A Novel

Riverhead Books #ad - Haunted by the loss of her sister, she sets out a desperate search for the family that left her behind. Soon birdie and her mother are on the road as well, drifting across the country in search of a new home. Then their parents’ marriage collapses. One night birdie watches her father and his new girlfriend drive away with Cole.

Despite their differences, her protector, Cole is Birdie’s confidant, the mirror by which she understands herself. Look out for danzy senna's latest book,  new people, on sale in August!Birdie and Cole are the daughters of a black father and a white mother, intellectuals and activists in the Civil Rights Movement in 1970s Boston.

Caucasia: A Novel #ad - But for birdie, home will always be Cole. The extraordinary national bestseller that launched Danzy Senna’s literary career, Caucasia is a modern classic, at once a powerful coming of age story and a groundbreaking work on identity and race in America.  . The sisters are so close that they speak their own language, yet Birdie, with her light skin and straight hair, is often mistaken for white, while Cole is dark enough to fit in with the other kids at school.


Stay with Me: A novel

Knopf #ad - She assumes she still has time--until her family arrives on her doorstep with a young woman they introduce as Akin's second wife. An electrifying novel of enormous emotional power,  Stay With Me asks how much we can sacrifice for the sake of family. A new york times notable book the new york times’ critics’ top books of the year named a best book of the year by san francisco chronicle, national public Radio, The Economist, Buzzfeed, HelloGiggles, Paste Magazine, Southern Living, and Shelf Awareness Huffington Post’s Best Feminist Books of the Year The New York Post’s Most Thrilling and Fascinating Books of the Year The New York Public Library’s Ten Best Books of the Year"A stunning debut novel.

Michiko kakutani,  the new york timesThis celebrated, unforgettable first novel “A bright, big-hearted demonstration of female spirit. The guardian, shortlisted for the prestigious women's Prize for Fiction and set in Nigeria, gives voice to both husband and wife as they tell the story of their marriage--and the forces that threaten to tear it apart.

Stay with Me: A novel #ad - Yejide and akin have been married since they met and fell in love at university. Furious, and livid with jealousy, shocked, Yejide knows the only way to save her marriage is to get pregnant. Which, finally, she does--but at a cost far greater than she could have dared to imagine. But four years into their marriage--after consulting fertility doctors and healers, trying strange teas and unlikely cures--Yejide is still not pregnant.

Though many expected akin to take several wives, he and Yejide have always agreed: polygamy is not for them.


What We Lose: A Novel

Viking #ad - Powerfully moving and beautifully wrought, race, love, What We Lose reflects on family, loss, womanhood, and the places we feel home. Buzzfeed“remember this name: Zinzi Clemmons. Félix, the new yorker“A richly volatile study of grief, wonderment and love. Sam sacks,  the wall Street Journal“A startling, poignant debut.

The atlantic “raw and ravishing, this novel pulses with vulnerability and shimmering anger. Nicole dennis-benn,  O, the Oprah Magazine“Stunning. An elegiac distillation, at once intellectual and visceral, of a young woman’s understanding of absence and identity that spans continents and decades,  What We Lose heralds the arrival of a virtuosic new voice in fiction.

What We Lose: A Novel #ad - One of the new york times, huffington post, glamour, marie claire, la Daily News, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Houston Chronicle, Buzzfeed, Redbook, Nylon, and Elle’s Books to Read This Summer Viking. She tries to connect these dislocated pieces of her life, Thandi searches for an anchor—someone, or something, and as her mother succumbs to cancer, to love.

The book is a remarkable journey. Essencefrom an author of rare, family, sex, haunting power, a stunning novel about a young African-American woman coming of age—a deeply felt meditation on race, and countryRaised in Pennsylvania, Thandi views the world of her mother’s childhood in Johannesburg as both impossibly distant and ever present.

Club, los angeles review of books,  paste, lithub,  electric literature,  bustle, New York Post, The Root,  Harper’s Bazaar,  Kirkus Reviews,  and Bust“The debut novel of the year.


A Kind of Freedom: A Novel

Counterpoint #ad - A 2017 national book award nominee a new york times notable book of 2017 a new york times book review Editor's Choice "This luminous and assured first novel shines an unflinching, compassionate light on three generations of a black family in New Orleans, emphasizing endurance more than damage. The new york times book review, editors' choice Evelyn is a Creole woman who comes of age in New Orleans at the height of World War II.

. In 1982, jackie, evelyn’s daughter, is a frazzled single mother grappling with her absent husband’s drug addiction. He was a square before Hurricane Katrina, but the New Orleans he knew didn't survive the storm. Her family inhabits the upper echelon of Black society, and when she falls for no-account Renard, she is forced to choose between her life of privilege and the man she loves.

A Kind of Freedom: A Novel #ad - Viking. For evelyn, jim crow is an ongoing reality, and in its wake new threats spring up to haunt her descendants. Counterpoint. A kind of freedom is an urgent novel that explores the legacy of racial disparity in the South through a poignant and redemptive family history. Fresh out of a four-month stint for drug charges, T.

C. Jackie’s son, T.


Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel

Scribner #ad - An intimate portrait of a family and an epic tale of hope and struggle, Sing journeys through Mississippi’s past and present, Sing, Unburied, examining the ugly truths at the heart of the American story and the power—and limitations—of family bonds. But there are other men who complicate his understanding: his absent White father, who is being released from prison; his absent White grandfather, Given, Big Joseph, who won’t acknowledge his existence; and the memories of his dead uncle, Michael, who died as a teenager.

When the children’s father is released from prison, Leonie packs her kids and a friend into her car and drives north to the heart of Mississippi and Parchman Farm, the State Penitentiary. She is black and her children’s father is White. Winner of the national book award for fiction *a time magazine best novel of the year and a new york times top 10 of 2017 *finalist for the kirkus prize *finalist for the andrew carnegie medal *finalist for the aspen words literary prize *publishers Weekly Top 10 of 2017 *Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award “The heart of Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Unburied, Sing is story—the yearning for a narrative to help us understand ourselves, the pain of the gaps we’ll never fill, the truths that are failed by words and must be translated through ritual and song.

Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel #ad - . Ward’s writing throbs with life, grief, and love, and this book is the kind that makes you ache to return to it. Buzzfeedin jesmyn ward’s first novel since her National Book Award–winning Salvage the Bones, this singular American writer brings the archetypal road novel into rural twenty-first-century America.

She wants to be a better mother but can’t put her children above her own needs, especially her drug use.


Mrs. Fletcher: A Novel

Scribner #ad - Fletcher is a timeless examination of sexuality, parenthood, identity, and the big clarifying mistakes people can make when they’re no longer sure of who they are or where they belong. Sent from an anonymous number, the mysterious sender tells Eve, “U R my MILF!” Over the months that follow, that message comes to obsess Eve.

Viking. As the new england autumn turns cold, both mother and son find themselves enmeshed in morally fraught situations that come to a head on one fateful November night. Only a few weeks into his freshman year, Brendan is floundering in a college environment that challenges his white-dude privilege and shames him for his outmoded, chauvinistic ideas of sex.

Mrs. Fletcher: A Novel #ad - Scribner. Sharp, and provocative, witty, Mrs. Meanwhile, miles away at the state college, eve’s son Brendan—a jock and aspiring frat boy—discovers that his new campus isn’t nearly as welcoming to his hard-partying lifestyle as he had imagined. Counterpoint. A forty-six-year-old divorcee whose beloved only child has just left for college, Eve is struggling to adjust to her empty nest when one night her phone lights up with a text message.

New york times bestseller! from the bestselling author of The Leftovers and Little Children comes a penetrating and hilarious new novel about sex, love, and identity on the frontlines of America’s culture wars. Eve fletcher is trying to figure out what comes next.


The Burning Girl: A Novel

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - Viking. But as the two girls enter adolescence, their paths diverge and Cassie sets out on a journey that will put her life in danger and shatter her oldest friendship. Scribner. A new york times bestseller a los angeles times book prize finalist A bracing, hypnotic coming-of-age story about the bond of best friends, from the New York Times best-selling author of The Emperor’s Children.

Julia and Cassie have been friends since nursery school. The burning girl is a complex examination of the stories we tell ourselves about youth and friendship, expertly, childhood’s imaginary worlds and painful adult reality―crafting a true, and straddles, immediate portrait of female adolescence. Claire messud, is as accomplished at weaving a compelling fictional world as she is at asking the big questions: To what extent can we know ourselves and others? What are the stories we create to comprehend our lives and relationships? Brilliantly mixing fable and coming-of-age tale, one of our finest novelists, The Burning Girl gets to the heart of these matters in an absolutely irresistible way.

The Burning Girl: A Novel #ad - They have shared everything, the quiet town of Royston, including their desire to escape the stifling limitations of their birthplace, Massachusetts. Counterpoint. W w norton Company.


Sour Heart: Stories

Lenny #ad - Scribner. W w norton Company. A tremendous debut. Slate Viking. A sly debut story collection that conjures the experience of adolescence through the eyes of Chinese American girls growing up in New York City—for readers of Zadie Smith and Helen Oyeyemi. Winner of the los angeles times Book Prize • Winner of the PEN/Robert W.

. Counterpoint. It’s brilliant, it’s dark, but it’s also humorous and filled with love. Isaac fitzgerald, Today “A combustible collection. Narrated by the daughters of chinese immigrants who fled imperiled lives as artists back home only to struggle to stay afloat—dumpster diving for food and scamming Atlantic City casino buses to make a buck—these seven stories showcase Zhang’s compassion, moral courage, and a perverse sense of humor reminiscent of Portnoy’s Complaint.

Sour Heart: Stories #ad - A darkly funny and intimate rendering of girlhood, leave it, to find your home, Sour Heart examines what it means to belong to a family, reject it, and return again. In the absence of grown-ups, latchkey kids experiment on each other until one day the experiments turn violent; an overbearing mother abandons her artistic aspirations to come to America but relives her glory days through karaoke; and a shy loner struggles to master English so she can speak to God.

. Praise for sour heart“jenny zhang’s coming-of-age tales are coarse and funny, sweet and sour, told in language that’s rough-hewn yet pulsating with energy. Usa today“one of the knockout fiction debuts of the year.


Manhattan Beach: A Novel

Scribner #ad - Years later, her father has disappeared and the country is at war. Manhattan beach is a deft, dazzling, propulsive exploration of a transformative moment in the lives and identities of women and men, of America and the world. Counterpoint. New york times bestseller • new york’s “one book, one new york” pick winner of the andrew carnegie medal for Excellence in Fiction The daring and magnificent novel from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author.

It is a magnificent novel by the author of A Visit from the Goon Squad, one of the great writers of our time. W w norton Company. Manhattan beach: a novel Hardcover - October 3, 2017. Scribner. Lenny. Anna works at the brooklyn Naval Yard, where women are allowed to hold jobs that once belonged to men, now soldiers abroad.

Manhattan Beach: A Novel #ad - With the atmosphere of a noir thriller, divers, sailors, bankers, Egan’s first historical novel follows Anna and Styles into a world populated by gangsters, and union men. She is mesmerized by the sea beyond the house and by some charged mystery between the two men. Viking. She becomes the first female diver, the most dangerous and exclusive of occupations, repairing the ships that will help America win the war.

One evening at a nightclub, and begins to understand the complexity of her father’s life, she meets Dexter Styles again, the reasons he might have vanished.


The Locals: A Novel

Random House #ad - The collision of these two men’s very different worlds—rural vs. Praise for the locals“after 9/11, New York hedge fund billionaire Philip Hadi retreats to his summer home in the Berkshires. Urban, middle class vs. Here are the dramas of twenty-first-century America—rising inequality, working class decline, a new authoritarianism—played out in the classic setting of some of our greatest novels: the small town.

. The locals is that rare work of fiction capable of capturing a fraught American moment in real time. Amid the heat of today’s vicious political climate, The Locals is a smoke alarm. But in the nervous days after 9/11 he flees new york and hires Mark to turn his Howland home into a year-round “secure location” from which he can manage billions of dollars of other people’s money.

The Locals: A Novel #ad - Then the town’s first selectman dies suddenly, and Hadi volunteers for office. Lenny. Wealthy—is the engine of Jonathan Dee’s powerful new novel. He soon begins subtly transforming Howland in his image—with unexpected results for Mark and his extended family. W w norton Company. Summons up a small American town at precisely the right moment in our history.