How Children Learn Classics in Child Development

Da Capo Lifelong Books - John holt was the first to make clear that, for small children, “learning is as natural as breathing. In this delightful yet profound book, to count, he looks at how we learn to talk, and to reason, to read, and how we can nurture and encourage these natural abilities in our children. ”. This enduring classic of educational thought offers teachers and parents deep, original insight into the nature of early learning.

How Children Fail Classics in Child Development

Da Capo Lifelong Books - First published in the mid 1960s, How Children Fail began an education reform movement that continues today. His understanding of children, the clarity of his thought, and his deep affection for children have made both How Children Fail and its companion volume, How Children Learn, enduring classics. In his 1982 edition, john holt added new insights into how children investigate the world, testing, into the perennial problems of classroom learning, grading, and into the role of the trust and authority in every learning situation.

The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parenting: Second Edition

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Fear-based parenting only works as long as it can be physically or emotionally enforced, but love is a more effective motivator over time. Filled with practical examples, and nuggets of hard-earned wisdom, personal stories, The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parenting has everything you need to change your parenting paradigm and enrich your family life.

Ultimately, love is the only leverage we have with our kids. Positive parenting keeps that relationship intact while teaching and guiding your child to his or her fullest potential. Through being kind and firm, consistent and empathetic, we allow our children optimal development. When the child-rearing is done, the loving bond you have built is what will make your relationship with your adult child fruitful and enjoyable.

The Newbie's Guide to Positive Parenting: Second Edition - If you are desperately missing the close bond you once had with your child, if your days are filled with tears and frustration, this book is for you. The relationships we build with our children last a lifetime. Make a positive transformation in your home as you let go of fear-based techniques and embrace the philosophy of positive parenting.

Connection is the key to joyful parenting and raising emotionally healthy, responsible kids.

Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book Of Homeschooling

Da Capo Lifelong Books - Da capo Press. In this expanded edition of the book that helped launch the whole movement, financial, Pat Farenga has distilled John Holt's timeless understanding of the ways children come to understand the world and added up-to-the-moment legal, and logistical advice. Chapters on living with children, "serious play, " children and work, and learning difficulties will fascinate and encourage parents and help them enjoy each "homeschool" day.

No parent even considering homeschooling should be without this wise and unique reference. Rather than proposing that parents turn their homes into miniature schools, Holt and Farenga demonstrate how ordinary parents can help children grow as social, active learners. The classic and indispensable work on teaching children at home, new lifestyles, fully updated for today's new laws, and the growing new generation of homeschooling parentsToday more than one and a half million children are being taught at home by their own parents.

Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book Of Homeschooling - John holt's warm understanding of children and his passionate belief in every child's ability to learn have made this book the bible of homeschooling families everywhere.

Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide The Positive Parent Series

TarcherPerigee - Her following has grown into a thriving community--hundreds of thousands strong. In this eagerly anticipated guide, eanes shares her hard-won wisdom for overcoming limiting thought patterns and recognizing emotional triggers, as well as advice for connecting with kids at each stage, from infancy to adolescence.

Filled with practical, feel confident, punishment, power struggles, resentment, and downward spiral of acting out, this is an empowering guide for any parent who longs to end the yelling, and create lasting, solution-oriented advice, and shame--and instead foster an emotional connection that helps kids learn self-discipline, loving bonds.

Da capo Press. Struggling to maintain a meaningful connection with her two little ones and frustrated by the lack of emotionally aware books for parents, she began to share her own insights with readers online. Positive Parenting An Essential Guide. This is a must-read for every family that yearns to create peace and harmony.

Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide The Positive Parent Series - Shefali Tsabary, Ph. D. New york times bestselling author of The Conscious ParentTired of yelling and nagging? True family connection is possible--and this essential guide shows us how. Popular parenting blogger Rebecca Eanes believes that parenting advice should be about more than just getting kids to behave.

Learning All The Time

Da Capo Lifelong Books - Positive Parenting An Essential Guide. How small children begin to read, and investigate the world, write, count, without being taughtThe essence of John Holt's insight into learning and small children is captured in Learning All The Time. Da capo Press. This delightful book by the influential author of How Children Fail and How Children Learn shows how children learn to read, write, and count in their everyday life at home and how adults can respect and encourage this wonderful process.

John holt's wit, his gentle wisdom, and his infectious love of little children bring joy to parent and teacher alike. For human beings, he reminds us, learning is as natural as breathing.

25th Anniversary Edition - Dumbing Us Down -25th Anniversary Edition: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

New Society Publishers - New society. Now, in an ever-more-rapidly changing world with an explosion of alternative routes to learning, it's poised to continue to shake the world of institutional education for many more years. Throw off the shackles of formal schooling and embark upon a rich journey of self-directed, life-long learning After over 100 years of mandatory schooling in the U.

S. Families are fragmented, learning "disabilities" are skyrocketing, literacy rates have dropped, and children and youth are increasingly disaffected. Featuring a new foreword from zachary slayback, an ivy league dropout and cofounder of tech start-up career foundry Praxis, this 25th anniversary edition will inspire new generations of parents and students to take control of learning and kickstart an empowered society of self-directed lifetime-learners.

25th Anniversary Edition - Dumbing Us Down -25th Anniversary Edition: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling - Da capo Press. Positive Parenting An Essential Guide. Thirty years of teaching in the public school system led John Taylor Gatto to the sad conclusion that compulsory governmental schooling is to blame, accomplishing little but to teach young people to follow orders like cogs in an industrial machine. Gatto's radical treatise on public education, a New Society Publishers bestseller for 25 years, continues to bang the drum for an unshackling of children and learning from formal schooling.

He became a fierce advocate of families and young people taking back education and learning, arguing that "genius is as common as dirt, " but that conventional schooling is driving out the natural curiosity and problem-solving skills we're born with, fragmented time, replacing it with rule-following, and disillusionment.

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

Namaste Publishing - The pillars of the parental ego crumble as the parents awaken to the ability of their children to transport them into a state of presence. To handle the behavior that results, traditional books on parenting abound with clever techniques for control and quick fixes for dysfunction. In Dr. Shefali tsabary's conscious approach to parenting, however, children serve as mirrors of their parents' forgotten self.

Positive Parenting An Essential Guide. Parents unwittingly pass on an inheritance of psychological pain and emotional shallowness. New society. Instead of being merely the receiver of the parents' psychological and spiritual legacy, children function as ushers of the parents' development. Those willing to look in the mirror have an opportunity to establish a relationship with their own inner state of wholeness.

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children - Namaste Publishing. Once they find their way back to their essence, parents enter into communion with their children, shifting away from the traditional parent-to-child "know it all" approach and more towards a mutual parent-with-child relationship. Da capo Press.

Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life

Basic Books - It shows how we can act-both as parents and as members of society-to improve children's lives and to promote their happiness and learning. Basic Books AZ. Drawing on evidence from anthropology, solve problems, he demonstrates that free play is the primary means by which children learn to control their lives, and history, get along with peers, psychology, and become emotionally resilient.

Da capo Press. New society. Namaste Publishing. A brave, free to learn suggests that it's time to stop asking what's wrong with our children, counterintuitive proposal for freeing our children from the shackles of the curiosity-killing institution we call school, and start asking what's wrong with the system.

Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life - A leading expert in childhood development makes the case for why self-directed learning--"unschooling"--is the best way to get kids to learn. In free to learn, developmental psychologist Peter Gray argues that in order to foster children who will thrive in today's constantly changing world, we must entrust them to steer their own learning and development.

Positive Parenting An Essential Guide.

The Unschooling Handbook : How to Use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom

Three Rivers Press - Without bells, schedules, and rules about what to do and when, the knowledge they gain through mindful living and exploration is absorbed more easily and enthusiastically. Once you read this book, so will you! Da capo Press. Namaste Publishing. Learning is a natural, inborn impulse, and the world is rich with lessons to be learned and puzzles to be solved.

Successful unschooling parents know how to stimulate and direct their children's learning impulse. Positive Parenting An Essential Guide. Basic Books AZ. New society. To unschoolers, learning is as natural as breathingdid you know that a growing percentage of home schoolers are becoming unschoolers? The unschooling movement is founded on the principle that children learn best when they pursue their own natural curiosities and interests.

Instead of Education: Ways to Help People do Things Better

Sentient Publications - In this breakthrough work Holt lays out the foundation for un-schooling as the vital path to self-directed learning and a creative life. Basic Books AZ. Namaste Publishing. New society. Positive Parenting An Essential Guide. Used book in Good Condition. Da capo Press. Instead of education is holt's most direct and radical challenge to the educational status quo and a clarion call to parents to save their children from schools of all kinds.