Fuck Off, Cancer: Breast Cancer Shaken not Stirred

Do you want the raw, honest truth about dealing with breast cancer? this book tells all and shows all – beware - middle aged pornography!CANCER! You must be scared sh*tless! Pardon the swear word but you are reading the description a book with the F word in the title. I know exactly how you feel!side note, not to ruin the ending, but I lived… or I wouldn’t have been able to write this book to help you LIVE through lite to medium breast cancer.

So, cry some more, cry, make sure your will is up to date you are probably not going to need it but it is part of the process, tell your loved ones, cry some more. And then kick some cancer a$$. Things that you will get out of this book:·       chemo isn’t as scary as the movies make it·       wearing wigs can be fun·       You ARE strong enough to handle this!·       Your relationships with everyone you know will become clearer, Some people you think will be great will totally suck and others you never noticed will be superstars.

Step by step guidance on how to deal with everything from sex to wigs to fake eyelashes during treatments·       Tips on how to get your “vavoom” back after the doctors are done messing with you. Bottom line, lite to medium breast cancer is pretty curable thanks to the gabillion dollars of research they have done and you or your loved one will  probably be fine.

This is just a little lump in the road and I look forward to seeing you or your loved one turn out more fabulous than ever!!!  Send me a picture! [email protected] Comyou’ve got this!xoxoLinda  .

Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife and Yourself during Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond

A unique guide, practical tips, like none other on the market-packed with medical information, psychological insight, and coping strategies--to help men help the women they love through this trying time. When marc silver became a breast cancer husband three years ago, he learned firsthand how frightened and helpless the breast cancer husband feels.

News & world report, marc Silver learned what kind of information and advice on medical crises readers found most valuable. At last, with this book, the men who love them have a road map to help them through a difficult and unprecedented journey. Now this award-winning journalist has compiled just the kind of emotionally supportive and useful resource that he wished he had been able to consult-to give men the tools they need to help their wives, and themselves through this scary, their families, uncertain time.

In his years as a consumer journalist and veteran of the News You Can Use staff at U. S. He searched in vain for a book that would give him the information and advice he so desperately sought. Highlights include: - the shared experiences of other breast cancer husbands- guidance from top cancer doctors in the country- Advice on when, and what to tell your young children- Tips on coping with radiation and chemotherapy - A candid discussion of sex and intimacy following breast cancer surgeryMore than 200, how, 000 women are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States.

He draws on that experience as he covers in depth all the issues couples coping with breast cancer will have to face during diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book A Merloyd Lawrence Book

There is extensive guidance for the many women now living for years with metastatic breast cancer. Susan love's breast book to guide them through the frightening thicket of research and opinion to find the best options for their particular situations. With Dr. Love's warm support, readers can sort the facts from the fads, ask the right questions, and recognize when a second opinion might be wise.

This sixth edition explains advances in targeted treatments, safer chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, and immunologic approaches as well as new forms of surgery and radiation. The bible for women with breast cancer" --New York TimesFor more than two decades, readers faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer have relied on Dr.


The Whole-Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Nutritional Approach to Preventing Recurrence The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series

If you’re a breast cancer survivor, chances are you have renewed your commitment to maintaining your good health and taking care of your body. Based on edward bauman’s groundbreaking eating for Health model, this highly comprehensive, practical approach can help you reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence; rebuild your immune system; and enjoy a stronger, healthier body.

Reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence by: •incorporating cancer-fighting foods into your diet •Indulging in safe, nontoxic cosmetics and body care products •Understanding the role of essential nutrients in maintaining your health •Managing your weight and balancing your blood sugar •Nourishing your immune, detoxification, and digestive systems .

As one of the best preventative measures known to doctors and nutritionists today, a robust, cancer-fighting diet is vital to your personal plan for breast cancer prevention. The whole-food guide for breast cancer Survivors is an essential guide for every woman seeking to understand the effect of nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors on her overall health and wellness.


Let Me Get This Off My Chest: A Breast Cancer Survivor Over-Shares

With practical tips sprinkled throughout, let me get this off my chEST explores how breast cancer changed her outlook on life, offering honest insights, humor, and sensitivity as she looks for the silver lining in a not-so-great situation. Whether you are a woman diagnosed with breast cancer or whether you know someone with breast cancer, this book was written for you.

She’ll tell you when it’s okay to play the cancer card, what you should take to the hospital, and gives suggestions on how to cope in those dark moments of the soul. Tamoxifen hot flashes, frankenboobs, heartfelt collection of essays, reconstruction, anecdotes, mastectomy, bras with special attachments—Margaret Lesh shares all in her funny, breast cancer etiquette, and life lessons from the perspective of a two-time breast cancer survivor.


Just Get Me Through This! - Revised and Updated

Gelfand, M. D. Is an oncologist with a private practice in New York City. Gelfand, M. D. The research and writing of just get Me Through This! was a natural next step for Cohen in her commitment to helping others cope with and battle this disease. It's also simple to use, with an accessible format—to make even the toughest days a whole lot easier.

She lives in New York City. Eugene J. As a result of her illness, the wisconsin native became active in several breast cancer advocacy efforts, including "Climb Against the Odds, " a Cancer Coalition's Leadership Education and Advocacy Development Program, and Peer Review Committees for the American Cancer Society's research programs.

She went to medical school at cornell university Medical College and did her internship at Mount Sinai Hospital and her residency at the New York Weill-Cornell Medical Center. He is a clinical assistant professor of Medicine at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center and at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he also teaches.

Cohen was, like so many others, going about her life as a young and healthy woman when she was unexpectedly struck with a diagnosis of breast cancer. He went to medical school umdnj/new jersey Medical School and did his internship and residency at the New York Weill-Cornell Medical Center. Nowak, M. D. Is a surgeon practicing at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

Breast Cancer 2019: 150 Latest & Illustrated Questions & Answers

Women with breast cancer metastasized to their bones, lungs and liver now live for years and years. Some young women with limited metastasis might even be cured! Do i have to have radiation? i’m afraid of deforming my breast & damage to my lungs, esophagus & heart vessels. What stage my diagnosis is & what does it mean?• I don’t want my breasts removed.

Help reduce recurrence risk for hormone-receptor-positive Breast Cancer & spread into lymph glands? Yes!• Do you - or someone you know -- have advanced breast cancer? Don't be disappointed. Most important/frequent questions answered in this book• how did i get breast cancer, what caused it?• What could I have done or someone can do to prevent it?• What has my race White, Black, Hispanic, Asian .

. Got to do with incidence, diagnosis, type/stage, response to treatment & prognosis of breast cancer? • how do I know my diagnosis is not a mistake?• Can daily intake of Aspirin & Vitamin-D reduce breast cancer incidence?• What are the most accurate diagnostic tests for breast cancer? At what Age should I have mammogram - 40, 45 or 50? I hate mammograms.

And about 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive at least 10 years. Even the survival of women with breast cancer far gone to distant organs has increased to almost 700 percent. Is there any alternative?• I’m afraid of scarring from surgical biopsy. What are the latest treatment options for this aggressive cancer? • what’s new in the field of metastatic breast cancer mbc?• what’s the new development in the treatment BC caused by Genetic BRCA genes?• What is this New non-chemotherapy form of treatment called ‘Immunotherapy’ where my body’s own cells are activated to destroy cancer cells?• Is my breast cancer curable?Why this book -- what is so exciting in the field of breast cancer? Take a look:• Many early breast cancers, with timely and appropriate treatments, are now curable.

How to Starve Cancer ...without starving yourself: The Discovery of a Metabolic Cocktail That Could Transform the Lives of Millions

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, is Jane herself. She received the only standing ovation at the event. Jane is a fantastic speaker. A modern-day ‘cancer sherlock holmes’, powerful supplements and a handful of old, acted synergistically, forgotten, low-toxicity drugs, Jane discovered that a cancer-starving diet, when taken together, magnifying each of their anti-cancer effects many times.

She has expanded this route map to show which fuel pipelines you need to block for every type of cancer, so you too can create your own cancer-starving cocktail. Often in medical books the science overwhelms and dilutes the narrative arc but because of Jane's compelling and dramatic personal story the book promises to hold the reader.

If you or a loved one has cancer, you absolutely must read this book. Like magic, her terminal cancer just melted away. In this truly ground-breaking book, Jane takes us through her remarkable, heart-breaking journey, and the medical discoveries she made on the way. Even if you have been told that nothing more can be done, Jane will show you this is almost certainly not true.

So powerful and relatable. Beyond the personal narrative, the strategy Jane used to get well is at the very forefront in the war against cancer. The use of re-purposed drugs in oncology is gaining traction worldwide. She has the rare gift of being entirely genuine.

After Breast Cancer: A Common-Sense Guide to Life After Treatment

As women quickly discover, their life when treatment ends is very different from what it was before their diagnosis. Anticipating a return to “normalcy, ” they discover that the old version of normal no longer applies. There could be no more knowledgeable guide for women embarking on this complicated journey than Hester Hill Schnipper, who is herself both an experienced oncology social worker and a breast cancer survivor.

. Often exhausted, afraid for their children, and emotionally volatile, fearful of intimacy, they are beset by physical discomforts, anxious, worried about recurrence. This comprehensive handbook provides jargon-free information on the wide range of practical issues women face as they navigate the journey back to health, your partner, and aches and pains•Handling relationships: your children, including: •Managing physical problems such as fatigue, your parents, hot flashes, your friends.

How to regain emotional and sexual intimacy•coping with financial and workplace issues•Genetic testing: why, whether, when •How to move beyond the fear of recurrence•And much moreThis indispensable book will help you rediscover your capacity for joy as you move forward into the future—as a survivor.


Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival

Within a few months, after losing her hair, and would, showing the world she could, Joan appeared on the cover of People magazine bald, beat the disease. Determined to remain upbeat—to look in the mirror with a brave face—her resolve empowered women everywhere. The today show quickly recruited Joan as a special correspondent and continues to follow her progress.

A deeply personal and powerful story of pain, and perseverance, persistence, Had I Known is a chronicle of Joan’s experience and the plan she formulated and followed to battle with her disease and treatment. Following a new clean way of eating, became more aware of the food she was eating, Joan lost thirty pounds, and avoided many of the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy.

Dealing with the cancer also changed her perception of true beauty. Her odyssey helped Joan redefine herself, her values, and most of all, her health. Being attractive isn’t about the hair on your head—it’s about the strength and character you bring to everything you do. Positive yet down-to-earth, had I Known offers unforgettable, told with piercing honesty leavened with warmth and humor, inspirational lessons for us all.

After announcing her diagnosis on Good Morning America, people all over the country rallied around Joan as she went into Warrior mode. With seven children counting on her, giving up was not an option.

One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun One A Day

Each mark is called a "tangle, " and you combine various tangles into patterns to create "tiles" or small square drawings. This step-by-step book is divided into 6 chapters, each with 7 daily exercises. Each exercise includes newtangles to draw in sketchbooks or on tiepolo an Italian-made paper, art principals, andoffers tips on related art principles, and contains an inspirational "ZIA" Zentangle Inspired Art project on a tile that incorporates patterns, teaches daily tile design, and new techniques.

. The concept was started by rick roberts and Maria Thomas as a way to practice focus and meditation through drawing, circles, by using repetitive lines, marks, and shapes. One zentangle a day is a beautiful interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangles as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises.

Zentangles are a new trend in the drawing and paper arts world.