Darkness Embraced Hades Hangmen Book 7

For a love that puts them and everyone they have ever loved in danger. The white Prince. The cartel princess. And a future that seems shrouded in darkness…⁣⁣Dark Contemporary Romance. Hate turns to desire, desire turns to love, and for the first time Tanner sees how wrong his whole life has been. For years, tanner does everything he can to find a way for him and Adelita.

Recommended for age 18 years and up. ⁣. But there is something between them that neither can explain or deny. Contains sexual situations, sensitive and taboo subjects, violence, offensive language and mature topics. He walks away from the klan, his family, everything he ever believed, and joins the Hades Hangmen.

The deepest love can be born from the fiercest hate…⁣⁣born to sit on opposing thrones. They were never meant to fall. Tanner ayers is the heir of the Texas Ku Klux Klan. Fed nothing but hate, violence, and intolerance from the day he was born, Tanner kills for his cause without remorse. Until he meets adelita Quintana, the daughter of the most brutal cartel boss in Mexico.

Adelita and Tanner hate each other instantly. But now the hangmen are at war—not only with his own family, but with Adelita’s too.

Crux Untamed Hades Hangmen Book 6

A damaged man. And there is only one way to survive that path. A rebellion with dire consequences that now, years later, she still can’t escape. As she lives once again in secret, happy on her own at her secluded ranch, a devil from her past comes calling. She loves him, but she has absolutely no love for the outlaw MC he belongs to.

Over 18’s only. Cowboy welcomes the job of watching over the blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty. Hush fights against it. A free spirit intent on saving them both. Elysia ‘sia’ Willis lives a solitary life. The notoriously private Cajun twosome have, for now, put aside what chased them from their beloved Louisiana.

Only boundless love can silence the whispers of the past. A devil who wants to possess her once again and take her from the simple life she never wants to lose. A broken woman. And he will stop at nothing to collect what he believes is his: her.

Beauty Found: A Novella Hades Hangmen 6.5

There are stories of how someone can save your soul when all hope is lost. Before they were tank and Beauty, they were Shane and Susan-Lee. There is life before your soulmate is found. There is life even when all seems lost. Shane ‘tank’ rutherford is just seventeen when, escaping his father’s lethal fists, he ends up on the streets.

He is on his own. And she’s done with the bruises. And never looks back. As susan-lee holds tightly to tank’s waist, and their hearts, neither of them know it’s a chance meeting that will change both their lives, forever. There are stories of how you find your other half. Contains scenes of violence, offensive language, mature topics and sexual situations.

Recommended for ages 18 and over. The texas Ku Klux Klan. Years later, tank is disillusioned from the Klan and what they stand for. She’s done with the glitz and glamor of pageant life. Even in hell, there is beauty to be found.

Deep Redemption Hades Hangmen Book 4

Contains explicit sexual situations, sensitive and taboo subjects, violence, offensive language, and mature topics. He will right the wrongs he has done. As the connection between them grows, so does Cain’s resolve. He will atone for the evil acts carried out in his name. He will save the one he loves…… Even if the battle takes him to the gates of hell itself.

Only through blood can the deepest redemption be found…he was born to ascend. He was destined to lead. He was never meant to fail. Prophet cain lies broken and defeated on the floor of his cell. Like everything else he once held dear…But then his isolation is broken. A cell he has been thrown into by the one person who was supposed to stand by his side until the end.

His flesh and blood, his only companion. He left the safety and security of his life of study to infiltrate the infamous Hades Hangmen. Contemporary Dark Romance. Another prisoner is brought to the cell next to his. All in the name of a faith he can now feel slipping away from him. A woman who cain understands needs him, as he needs her.

Heart Recaptured Hades Hangmen Book 2

A few long weeks after being reluctantly ripped from the comforting embrace of her sacred prophet’s religious commune—the only life she has ever known—a terrified Delilah is thrust into a world enveloped by evil and swimming in sin. Even salvation can be delivered through the love of the damned…Beauty can be a curse.

Faith can be a cage. Only love can set you free. Raised a biker brat and now vp of the most notorious mc in the states, ky has no shortage of club sluts warming his bed; a situation he takes full advantage of… until a certain blonde enters his life… a gorgeous pilgrim-blonde he can’t get out of his head… a pilgrim-blonde he and his club recently-rescued from some backward religious cult… and a pilgrim-blonde he’s been ordered to keep the hell away from and his whorish hands off.

When yet another in a lengthy line of drunken blunders forces Ky to reluctantly take charge of the pilgrim-blonde’s care, he realizes that there could be more to this woman than just supermodel looks and a stacked set of tits. A life-long temptress… the devil’s whore. Conditioned her entire life to believe she is a witch.


It Ain't Me, Babe Hades Hangmen Book 1

It’s a plan that he has stuck to for years, that is, a woman who clearly does not belong in his world, until a young woman is found injured on his lot… a woman who looks uncannily familiar, yet a woman he feels reluctant to let go… Dark Contemporary Romance/New Adult Novel. In the commune she calls home, nor of life beyond the Fence—the fence that cages her, Salome knows nothing of life beyond her strict faith, keeps her trapped in an endless cycle of misery.

A life she believes she is destined to always lead, until a horrific event sets her free. A reputation that successfully keeps most people far, far away. Fleeing the absolute safety of all she has ever known, Salome is thrust into the world outside, a frightening world full of uncertainty and sin; into the protective arms of a person she believed she would never see again.

A meeting that should never have happened. Styx has one rule in life—never let anyone get too close. Raised in a turbulent world of sex, harleys, styx, unexpectedly has the heavy burden of the Hades Hangmen gavel thrust upon him, and drugs, and all at the ripe old age of twenty-six—much to his rivals’ delight.

Contains sexual situations, sensitive and taboo subjects, violence, offensive language and mature topics. Haunted by a crushing speech impediment, Styx quickly learns to deal with his haters. River ‘styx’ nash knows one thing for certain in life—he was born and bred to wear a cut.

The Fallen: Genesis Deadly Virtues

And the brethren will cleanse their blackened souls…Dark Contemporary Romance novella. They attract the attention of the priests for their acts of violence, of bloodlust. Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and topics some may find triggering. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

The priests watch over them, educate them, raise them in the family of the church. Except for some. Seven of the orphans are no ordinary boys. They are the brethren, a secret sect who believe themselves on a divine mission to seek out evil in the boys in their care. The priests realize these boys are drawn to the darkness.

And the priests are no ordinary priests. The fallen: genesis a deadly virtues PrequelIN THE BEGINNING. They told them they were evil. They told them they were possessed by demons. They told them that darkness ran in their veins. Holy innocents home for Children is a haven for orphaned boys who have nothing and no one.

Ravage: A Scarred Souls Novel

That is until she hears her brother also survived and is living with their greatest enemy. Even as he tries to fight his captors hold on him he knows that obedience is the only way to save his sister, who is the one person that keeps him from turning into a monster. As a young girl zoya Kostava barely escaped the brutal attack that killed her entire family.

Is finding one's true love worth committing the greatest sacrifice of all?Taken as a teen, prisoner 194 was stripped of his name and freewill, meticulously honed to be a ruthless machine. A man who both captivates and scares her, in him she sees a soul as lost as her own. They both have so much to lose will they be able to save each other…and survive.

. Zoya risks her safety and anonymity to find the brother she thought dead and is captured by a beautiful, brutal man. Now twenty five she lives in secrecy.

Reap: A Scarred Souls Novel

Talia tolstaia dreams to break from the heavy clutches of Bratva life. Standing at six-foot-six, 221 successfully secures business for the Georgian Mafiya Boss of NYC, and unrivaled in to-the-death combat, weighing two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, who rules the dark world of the criminal underground. Raised as a prototype for the georgian Bratva's obedience drug, act, 221 fails to think, or live for himself; he's his master's perfectly-crafted killing puppet.

A powerful, beautiful, damaged man whose heart calls to hers. She dreams of another life--away from the stifling leash of her Russian Bratva Boss father and from the brutality of her work at The Dungeon, her criminal family's underground death-match enterprise. But sacrifices must be made--blood for blood.

. Life for life. Souls for scarred souls.

Riot: A Scarred Souls Novel

I cannot choose wrong. They are weaknesses. Freedom or Love. What he wants, he gets. In the blood pit I am a god. When master says fight, I fight…until I am the only one left standing. Passionate. Intense. With a smile, she melts my brutal heart. I don’t need friends, I don’t need women. I am strong. Until I see her.

I am a monster, a killer, a champion. I have one goal, to fight so well that I am freed. Brutal. I have no name, no family, and no identity. She is gorgeous and kind and off-limits to me. I have never wanted anything more. I need to make a choice. She was stolen as a child to be the worst type of slave and now master wants her.

The world of the scarred souls. They call me 901.

Raze: A Scarred Souls Novel

Needs to possess this mysterious man. To take back life, one must first face death. Conditioned in captivity to maim, to kill and to slaughter, prisoner 818 becomes an unrivaled and unstoppable fighter in the ring. Violence is all he knows. After years of incarceration in an underground hell, only one thought occupies his mind: revenge.

. Her life is protected. But kisa becomes obsessed with him. While working for her church-the only reprieve in her constant surveillance-Kisa stumbles across a tattooed, scarred, but stunningly beautiful homeless man on the streets. Revenge on the man who wronged him. Bloody, slow and violent revenge. Kisa has known only cruelty and loss in her short life.

He doesn't talk. Her father's savage treatment of his rivals and his lucrative and coveted underground gambling ring-The Dungeon-ensures too many enemies lurk at their door. Yearns for him. Something about him stirs feelings deep within her; familiar yet impossibly forbidden desires.