An Awakening Walk: 500 Miles to Self-love and Acceptance on the Camino De Santiago

- This book is a narrative of the journey that shook the author to her core. Filled with positive affirmations, prayers, mantras, and meditations on "A Course in Miracles, " this day by day journey is a spiritual roadmap to walking the Camino. Over the 500 mile trail jennifer released tears of grief, anger, and finally learned to embrace those sides of herself that were banished out of shame, fear, and social conditioning.

This book is a brutally honest tale of one woman's dogged tenacity to break through the barrier of her own self-abandonment in which she spent decades conforming and bending to the will of others, and finally her triumphant deliverance into unconditional self-love. The book offers a scenic portrayal of the beautiful landscapes, and cuisines native to the culture, churches and cathedrals, delectable aromas, woven poetically through the author's observant eye for colorful imagery, hotels and inns, local purveyors, and architectural design.

Along the trails of the famed camino de santiago of Spain, layer by layer, and at the end of her walk, Jennifer sheds her false self, embraces the authentic beautiful woman she longed for. An awakening walk: 500 miles to self-Love & Acceptance on the Camino de Santiago, " Luminare Press. Shedding layers of self-recrimination and self- judgement she carried through her life, she found herself broken wide open.

An Awakening Walk: 500 Miles to Self-love and Acceptance on the Camino De Santiago - Inspired by her cathartic pilgrimage, the author now arranges tours to assist and guide others to explore, heal, and commune along the trails of the Camino along with other sacred journeys. This book is for you ifyou have ever struggled with self-imageAre curious about The Camino de SantiagoYou are curious about or a student of "A Course in Miracles"Want to shed layers of false beliefs about yourselfLike reading an open-hearted, honest spiritual memoir.

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Blanket of Stars: Thru-Hiking the Camino de Santiago Travel Adventures Book 1

Labrador & Lockhart Press - Winner of a 2019 ian award- finalist in the 2019 next Generation Indie Book Awards NGIBAAn unlikely pilgrim battles agoraphobia to reclaim life beyond the sofa. Often considered a Catholic pilgrimage, this ancient route predates Christianity. She finds herself transcending from a human being on a spiritual quest to a spiritual being on a human quest.

The way continues to evolve, thru-hikers, history buffs, fitness junkies, attracting spiritual seekers with and without religion, and the curious. Armed with humor and grit and a backpack named little agnus, Lockhart tackles emotional and physical obstacles, shares adventures with pilgrims from all over the world, mothers traveling teens, endures blisters and bicycle seats and embraces the glory of Mother Nature and the intrinsic spirituality of peregrination.

Blanket of Stars: Thru-Hiking the Camino de Santiago Travel Adventures Book 1 - The 800-kilometer journey along the camino frances provides a scenic backdrop to ponder midlife crisis and chronic illness, an empty nest and marital woes, military service and posttraumatic stress, rage and grief, heartbreak and fear - And the way forward. El camino de santiago, is a matrix of trails with starting points across Europe leading to the sacred relics of Saint James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, known fondly as The Way, Spain.


- For pat, physical pain becomes a badge of honor, and every step he takes leads him closer to healing his soul and to becoming a new person. Life is good for Patrick DeVaney. Two million steps captures pat’s incredible journey of self-discovery along his trek through Europe and the places, people, and events he encounters along the way.

He is fortunate in many ways, and he knows it. But pat also knows one other thing. Pat recalls hearing of the camino de Santiago—the five-hundred-mile spiritual path through France and Spain that ends at the traditional burial site of James the Apostle. Despite the blessings of a prosperous life, Pat lives with a sense of dissatisfaction.

Two Million Steps: BAND-AIDS, COCKTAILS, AND FINDING PEACE ALONG SPAIN'S CAMINO DE SANTIAGO - When a fateful phone call puts Pat on the proverbial edge, he knows he needs answers even if he doesn’t know the questions. Negativity had seized him; his life’s glass always seemed half empty. In his state of unrest and longing, Pat makes the bold decision to embark upon the ancient pilgrimage on foot.

He has a loving family, a successful career, and good friends. He’s haunted by a feeling of purposelessness for which he cannot seem to find a solution.

The Way, My Way

- For me, adventure travel was flying coach. On the last government census when i had to state my religion, I'd said I was a Buddhist, mainly because they’ve had such a hard time in Tibet I felt they needed my statistical support. I was also not an adventure traveller. In the vein of bill bryson and eric newby, The Way, My Way takes you on a unique spiritual journey, and gives you a hearty laugh along the way.

In fact, i wasn’t even sure I was a Christian. I was not a hiker, and I wasn’t a Catholic. His discomfort increased markedly a few days later when his knee gave out – so the rest of the walk was a “pain management pilgrimage. But he kept his sense of humour, and his memoir is at times hilarious but also deeply moving, and insightful.

The Way, My Way - . I’d never done anything crazy like this before – a pilgrimage walk. All this backpacking and wearing of heavy boots and flying off to France to walk ancient pilgrimage routes was a new experience, and not one that made me feel entirely comfortable. And so bill bennett, an australian based film director, not sure why he was doing it, set off on an 800 kilometre walk across Spain to Santiago de Compostela, and not feeling entirely comfortable.

Camino Sunrise-Walking With My Shadows: One reluctant pilgrim packs a weighty load on a 500-mile path

Reginald Spittle - I am a long-distance trekker as well. Camino sunrise is an enjoyable and inspirational book and I highly recommend it. J. Robert harris, author, way Out There"Loved this inspiring and bravely honest book by a fellow pilgrim. Camino veteran"Touching, humorous and inspiring. I couldn't put it down. Amazon readerwalk? 500 miles? across Spain? We can't do that!And so began the journey of a lifetime for Reg Spittle.

An outwardly well-adjusted professional and family man, Reg was a master of disguising a lifetime of debilitating anxiety that undermined his self-confidence. Recently retired, he never dreamed he'd soon find himself chasing distant boundaries across a foreign land, sleeping in dorm bunks and sharing bathrooms as if he were a teenager experiencing his gap year.

Camino Sunrise-Walking With My Shadows: One reluctant pilgrim packs a weighty load on a 500-mile path - When tragedy strikes, confronting past fears and humiliations, Reg reluctantly accepts his wife's challenge to carry his red backpack on the historic Camino de Santiago, while packing weighty new worries. Self-reflection, humor, and a recurring cast of characters create the backdrop for a story of hope in Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows.

Fumbling: A Pilgrimage Tale of Love, Grief, and Spiritual Renewal on the Camino de Santiago

- Her insights continue to resonate for days after you’ve finished reading. Washington postthe first book by nyt bestselling author of on livinga barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers pick Holiday, 2004 Less than a year after her father died, Kerry Egan set off to hike the Camino de Santiago with her boyfriend Alex in tow.

. This first book from nyt bestselling author of on livinG New York Times, December 2016 is both an engaging and entertaining armchair travel adventure and a beautiful and deeply moving portrait of a spiritual transformation. As each incident, the most unlikely events--from a fist fight with an atm machine to discovering chickens in church to the joy of eating a pizza in a train station--reveal in fresh ways the many faces of love and the mysteries of grief, encounter, and hard-won mile shapes her internal journey toward accepting the loss of her father, hope and faith.

Fumbling: A Pilgrimage Tale of Love, Grief, and Spiritual Renewal on the Camino de Santiago - With both the laugh-out-loud humor and stirring poignancy that Egan's writing is known for, Fumbling explores faith in the face of grief and love. Thoughtful and refreshingly unpretentious. Fumbling is a journey no reader will ever forget.

Forty Days to the End of the World

- This book describes the author's pilgrimage on the Way of St. James, the Camino de Santiago.

My Camino, My Life: A Sole to Soul Connection

Legacy Inheritance Partners, Ltd. - In this memoir, Cindy shares her spellbinding story with intimacy and humor. What would it be like to enjoy walking 500 miles in 37 days?For thousands of years, Europeans have stepped out their front door and walked to Santiago, Spain. The purpose of this pilgrimage, known as the Camino de Santiago, is to visit the bones of the Apostle James purported to be buried under the Cathedral.

. Her positive approach to the hazards she encountered are inspiring and remarkable. Like most americans, cindy was inspired to walk the Camino after watching The Way, a movie released in 2011. Since then, an increasing number of Americans make up the 200, 000+ Pilgrims who annually walk the Camino. Modern day pilgrims walk and bike the Camino for various reasons―from religious/spiritual to sport/outdoor appreciation.

My Camino, My Life: A Sole to Soul Connection - Despite physical challenges and inability to speak Spanish, Cindy set her intention to walk 500 miles with Ease and Grace, and always use indoor plumbing.

RESTLESS HEARTS: Walking the Camino de Santiago. A love letter to the Camino Frances.

Roy Uprichard - Deeply moved by encounters with other restless hearts, he begins to find his way again. A physical test. A spiritual quest. Dealing with the past by walking it all out. In an evocative mix of travel writing and memoir, an Irish pilgrim fallen out of love with his Church yet finds himself drawn to walk the Camino de Santiago.

Footsteps: A compelling, personal and inspiring journey on the Camino de Santiago

Polar Books - These encounters start to make Rich seriously question why he is walking the Camino, and he’s forced to face up to some uncomfortable truths. Footsteps is an honest, compelling tale, personal, and ultimately an inspiring story of redemption. Setting out on the famous 500 mile walk across Spain, Rich is married, seemingly happy, but with a nagging feeling something is not right.

Before you truly understand yourself, you have to confront your past. Rich meets other people with their own troubles and reasons for being on the Camino: from a man traumatised by the Iraq War to another whose parents struggle to accept his sexuality. Facing a crossroads in his life, he feels drawn to the journey and excited by the adventure, following in the footsteps of generations of travellers that have gone before.

Footsteps: A compelling, personal and inspiring journey on the Camino de Santiago - As the miles crunch underfoot, issues that had been buried for a long time begin to surface.

Walking Back Home: Finding Clarity on the Camino

Busybird Publishing - It tells an extraordinary tale of physical and spiritual transformation. It seemed she had the ideal life with a good steady income, grown up family now off her hands, and the freedom to travel. She had the uniform, the backpack and good health. It is also a great starting point with valuable information on how to prepare for such a journey.

An inspirational read for anyone who is thinking of walking the Camino and a trip down memory lane for those who have already completed their own Camino. What more could she possibly want? In her heart and soul, she felt something was missing. This is an honest, raw and inspiring account of a woman’s wanderings along an ancient path across the north of Spain known as the Camino de Santiago, a well worn track marked by yellow arrows and symbols of scallop shells.

Walking Back Home: Finding Clarity on the Camino - It is certainly not a walk in the park and you will be captivated by Maggie’s stories as she tells of her misgivings, elation, pain, and the unexpected transformation that evolved along the way. Overweight, unfit but thinking she was totally prepared for the challenge ahead, Maggie set off in search of adventure and the meaning of life at the age of 60

Her practical information, lists and hints also provide some great ideas for those who don’t know where to start. Walking back home is not just another ‘how to’ or story about walking to Santiago.