Alpha and Armani 2: Capturing A Hitta’s Heart

Leo Sullivan Presents - After having an almost fatal car accident, Omega opened his eyes and saw Summore was where he needed to be. Trying to fix the trouble he caused before it comes knocking at his door, he starts hunting even harder for Armani. In alpha’s eyes, it’s death before dishonor, and he will show Tommy exactly what those words mean.

Summore and omega hit more than a rough patch in their relationship. However, will he be ready to accept the sight before him or take matters into his own hands and show them just how ruthless he can be?Armani is working her magic in a different way to escape so she can be back in the arms of Alpha. After searching for what seemed like forever, Alpha starts to lose hope of finding the woman who truly captured his heart.

Alpha and Armani 2: Capturing A Hitta's Heart - This couple may have a chance of survival; the only thing that’s standing in their way is them. Life can bring about changes for the worst but sometimes when you add love to the mix, it makes it all better. The heart of this story is, you have to do the unexpected to get your happy ending. That’s until he starts taking things seriously and now he’s fighting for her love again.

Only thing is, not everyone will get theirs. Running into a sweet thing from the past, he slips up and does something that he knows will ruin everything for them. Armani is missing, and Mr.

Alpha and Armani: Capturing A Hitta's Heart

Leo Sullivan Presents - Old skeletons resurface, and alpha finds himself fighting to secure his spot in Armani’s future, even if that meant getting rid of someone from her past. When armani’s best friend Summore begins dating Omega, she didn’t expect things to take off so fast. Omega was blind to summore’s ways in the beginning, but once her betrayal hits too close to home, Omega snaps and the hitta in him returns more savage than ever.

These women prove that Capturing a Hitta’s heart may be easy; keeping it is the hard part. When she fell in love with a charming bad boy named Tommy, she was ready to risk it all, until a devastating secret shattered her world. Still dealing with old feelings and secrets of her own, Summore finds herself playing a dangerous game that could cost her everything.

Alpha and Armani: Capturing A Hitta's Heart - Things quickly spiral and Summore must make a critical decision or lose her life. With all the drama and secrets, which couple will make it? Two men with the hearts of a lion; two women fighting to tame the beast in them. Armani was a rich girl with a low-key lifestyle. The moment alpha laid eyes on Armani, he knew she was the perfect girl for him.

He and his brother omega were two of the deadliest, most ruthless men in Chicago, but they had a soft spot for the women they loved. The fact that she was sexy, and had a feisty attitude was a bonus, spoke different languages, but everything that glitters ain’t gold.

Alpha and Armani 3: Capturing A Hitta's Heart

Leo Sullivan Presents - In this gut-wrenching finale, Alpha and Armani's love for each other will be put to the test. Will they make it through or have they both reached their breaking points? Summore has loved Omega hard, and she has the scars to prove it. Armani and summore will soon see that those hearts may be too much to hold on to.

Will she finally come out on top and receive the love her heart has been longing for? Will Alpha's secrets come to light and put more problems on his relationship with Armani? Capturing the heart of a Hitta is not a task for the faint of heart.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Will these two broken hearts find love in each other, or will their pasts keep them from the best love they could ever have? Supreme Boss has sworn off love. After wasting her best years on men who couldn’t see her worth, she decides to focus on herself while enjoying the single life. After witnessing his fiancée’s death and being left alone to raise his daughter, falling in love again is the last thing on his mind.

That is until unusual circumstances place the alluring Supreme into her world and leaves her wondering if love isn't so bad after all. They say when someone isn’t looking for love, that is exactly when they find it. However, when a total stranger risks her life to help him, he finds himself enthralled with the beauty who swooped in to save the day.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love - Sova blow is fed up with love.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - Will he allow it to ruin his blossoming love with sova, or will he see through the smoke and mirrors?Kartier is torn between two men; one who is unlike any man she’s dealt with, and another who she has no business dealing with but can’t seem to help herself. Unfortunately, while on his warpath, he’s hit with an unexpected distraction that could hinder the process and do more harm than good.

When sova and diva are taken, Supreme must act fast to save two of the three most important women in his life. However, he quickly realizes that once feelings become involved, when he takes a chance on one of his regulars, Oma, they’re hard to control. Afraid to fall in love, he continues to revert to his doggish ways until it lands him in a position he never saw coming.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2 - Everyone has one thing in common—they’re searching for love, even if they believe otherwise. However, and disloyalty are thrown into the mix, once lies, deceit, they may cheat themselves out of the best love they could ever have. With savior shot and his life hanging in the balance, will karti realize that she has more feelings for him than she thought, or will Mink sneak in and steal her heart?Mink isn’t the relationship type, and he’s sure to let every woman that he encounters know it.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl: A Crazy Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Her last boyfriend, hurt her bad, so she swore off men and had no problem being alone. However; zahra and her sister can’t stand one another but when she needs kalila’s help, will the animosity they have towards one another stand in the way? Kruz Garcia is every woman’s fantasy and even though he’s a savage in the streets, no one could take him away from the love of his life, Zahra.

Will the love he once had for her outweigh the damage she’s gonna cause, or will he show her his savage ways once the truth comes out? She stays away from drama unless necessary and her worst enemy is her best friends sister. Unfortunately; she assumed the hold on his heart would never be broken and she was correct until one woman stepped in by accident and turned his world upside down.

When A Savage Falls for A Good Girl: A Crazy Hood Love - She’s the only woman who can make him weak, and she knows it. This woman had him feeling things Zahra didn’t, and that became a problem for his ex, who now wanted to do destroy his happiness. Rhythm mitchell is a single mom who works, comes home and spends time with her son. Zahra feels like rhythm has been around too long, which interfered with bonding moments with her sister.

Kode and Aara: Hood Love is That Good Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Is he destined to never find a love of his own, or will he stumble into the last thing he was looking for when he least expects it? Aara has lost it all. Her entire family was taken away in the blink of an eye. His legacy has been handed down to him by birthright whether he likes it or not, so he steps up like the legend he is destined to be and handles his business in the streets.

The only light in her life is her work and her best friend until an innocent day at the coffee shop brings the very unexpected into her life. Life is messy, and sometimes love just isn't enough. As much as aara fights the pull, she just can't seem to stop her heart from wanting what it wants, and that's Kode.

Kode and Aara: Hood Love is That Good Love - Dakota moretti has it all, power, money, respect, and a daughter whom he loves like no other. With all of his power, he finds himself attached to a disloyal, treacherous woman and a void in his heart that is only partially filled with the love he has for his princess. She finds herself building a wall around her heart, only allowing enough space to deal with people that she is unable to build relationships with.

Neither dakota nor aara are looking for love, sparks fly, but when they find themselves in the same space, and the pull is too strong to keep them apart. Find out if love conquers all or if these two are destined to never find an everlasting love that lasts a lifetime.

Kode and Aara 2: Hood Love is That Good Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - Sometimes life is complicated in ways that the heart can’t handle so you have to make the tough choices that could potentially shatter the depths of your soul. Preston finds himself falling, and he isn’t sure how to handle it. His heart!with a family of snakes and a lifetime of lies, Dakota quickly realizes just how little he knew the ones who claimed to love him the most.

Love isn’t something he needs, or so he thinks, but Evvy seems to keep inching her way closer to the one thing he assumed was never accessible in the first place. The truth is supposed to set you free, but in his case, it’s holding him hostage to a life he never really wanted. Will he shake the restraints and find his peace, or will he be bound to a life that has no way out and no happy ending?

Kode and Aara 2: Hood Love is That Good Love - His worst enemies couldn’t compete with the snakes in his bloodline. Aara finds herself stuck between feelings that she can’t deny and a need for self-worth. It's bad enough when enemies try to take you down, but when it is family, you’re torn between loyalty and self-preservation. Dakota learned a hard lesson when he realized that he was protecting himself from the wrong people.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me

Supreme Works Publications - Take this ride to find out if love will prevail. With her father’s help and the insurance money from her mother’s death, Sutton was able to build the hair salon of her dreams. His blind ambition, get’s him into situations where he puts their financial situation at risk. Chamber of beauty was her baby and was the one thing that she was most proud of.

He thought that maybe he had found the one to spend his life with until she was caught red handed, being disloyal. He decided to play the field until the sexy and very taken, Sutton walked into his establishment, then all bets were off. Sutton chambers, daughter of the infamous Maniac one of the most prolific criminals of his time, worked hard to make away for herself.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me - The catch is, it may cost him Sutton. With his back against the wall, Trouble is offered a way out of all of his debt. Once trouble’s gambling debts work their way into Sutton’s business and their relationship, things get rough for the pair. Will he be able to stay afloat, or will he drown in his own inhibitions?In this tale of love and deceit; loyalty is tested, relationships are put on the line and nobody is safe.

The only thing missing in their lives is a companion to share it with. Kahleno maler the middle brother, tried love once before with the mother of his four-year-old son, Kahlil.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 2

Supreme Works Publications - When her past comes looking for her will she be able to be the woman that Adoreé needs or will their past come and ruin them before they even get started. Adoreé has never been a people’s person, outside of his family and the occasional stripper, he pretty much stays to himself. Her main focus was to take care of her daughter and finish school.

When he meets icelynn, better known as Ice at the club he knew right away that she was different. When he’s forced to look his past in the eye, will he be able to face the pain, or will he blame Icelynn for drudging up old memories?Ego’s and secrets threaten to tear the lives of the Maler’s apart.

Allowing her to get close to him causes some old wounds to resurface, something that he isn’t mentally prepared for. With a huge family secret on the horizon, will they be able to get a grasp on the situation or will life blow up in their faces? Hudson stands firm in his reasoning about why he doesn’t want his daughter with a man like Kahleno, and not even Sutton’s feelings will change that.

On a mission to show sutton that her father is wrong, he runs across a few issues of his own and they come in the form of his son’s mother, Karson. Can he keep karson’s irrational tactics under control, or will she force her way into their relationship and ruin it forever?After being forced to up and move, Icelynn vowed to close her heart off to men for a while.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 2 - Sutton’s relationship with kahleno has proven to be everything that she needs after her break up with Trouble but there is just one thing that’s standing in the way of their true happiness, Hudson, her father. The last thing on her mind was a man until she walked on the Maler farm and met the man of her dreams, Adoreé.

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy 2

Royalty Publishing House - After going back to the man that she was to marry, Brynlee finds herself having to face something she never thought she would ever go through. Now totally sunken into a dark place, everyone wonders will she be able to pull herself out of it, especially with help from a man that was only trying to help her blossom in the first place.

Dive into this finale to see if brynlee gets snatched up once and for all by bad boy Sawyer, or if she settles and accepts Troy’s infidelities and puts her happiness to the side just to be with someone she has history with.