Ageless Strength: Strong and Fit for a Lifetime

While it’s true that we lose strength, and balance, bone density, our bodies react the same way to training at any age. His dynamic and engaging mix of 50 simple strength exercises will build strength, bone, and balance―combating the top three physical changes that lead to injury and loss of strength.

. Each functional strength move mimics a real-life motion so you’ll know it will help your day-to-day fitness. In just two 30-minute sessions a week, Ageless Strength offers a simple, effective way to get strong and fit for a lifetime of active pursuits. The answer is not to go easy on our so-called fragile bodies―that traditional approach of gentle, easy fitness just guarantees loss.

Ageless strength shows athletes and active people how to build sustainable fitness for a lifetime of active pursuits. It’s a myth that our older years only bring physical decline. In his proven program, coach and trainer Jeff Horowitz reveals exercises that fight back against the years. With the program in ageless Strength, you can get into the best shape of your life at any age.

These effective exercises use bodyweight or minimal equipment so that no gym membership is required. A smart mix of strength training can counteract the physical effects of aging―and keep you strong and fit for years. Velopress.

Strength Training Past 50

Increase your strength to improve your health, your appearance, and your performance with Strength Training Past 50 Strength training offers many benefits for active adults, reduced risk of disease, and decreased symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, including enhanced athletic performance, and osteoporosis.

Whether you are just getting started or have been training your entire life, Strength Training Past 50 has you covered. In the third edition of this best-selling guide, cycling, and strength - sport-specific programs for tennis, machines, and balls - 30 workouts for increasing size, you'll find these topics: - 83 exercises for free weights, healthy, golf, running, and more - Eating plans and nutrition advice for adding lean muscle and losing fat Strength Training Past 50 will keep you active, bands, endurance, and looking great with workouts and programs designed just for you.


Core Strength for 50+: A Customized Program for Safely Toning Ab, Back, and Oblique Muscles

Ulysses Press. Core strength for 50+ has everything you need to:• improve posture• enhance sports performance• Guarantee low back health• Avoid injuryWith workouts ranging from basic mat work routines to unstable training with foam rollers and stability balls, obliques, Core Strength for 50+ provides more than 75 exercises that build and maintain strong muscles in the abs, lower back and butt.

Stay young with effective, efficient core strength trainingfrom swinging a golf club to carrying a bag of groceries, the core is everything. Balance, agility and youthful stature are just a few of the benefits of a toned and powerful midsection.

Stay Fit for Life: More than 60 Exercises to Restore Your Strength and Future-Proof Your Body

Includes over 60 step-by-step exercises to increase strength, improve mobility, aerobic fitness, clear photography - Every exercise includes modifications to make it easier or more difficult, including chair and low impact variations - Features three four-week fitness programs designed to match any fitness level - Twenty prescriptive workout routines designed to target specific needs such as lower back strength, all demonstrated with bright, balance and stability, and enhance flexibility, posture improvement, and more Ulysses Press.

. Unlike traditional resistance training that targets isolated muscle groups, the compound movement exercises in Stay Fit for Life engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, helping people of all fitness levels lead more active, dynamic lives. Future-proof your body and restore strength and mobility to everyday movements with 62 functional exercises, to make everyday activities such as running, and reaching, pulling, and you can make that a reality with streamlined functional training that is designed specifically for seniors and baby boomers! Stay Fit for Life empowers you to move with more ease and efficiency when performing functional movements such as bending, pushing, gardening, twisting, targeted workout routines, and three four-week fitness programs!   They say 50 is the new 40, or playing with grandchildren both easier and more enjoyable.


Weights for 50+: Building Strength, Staying Healthy and Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

Weights for 50+ also describes proper training methods and explains how to achieve specific goals by varying the workout and carefully monitoring the number of repetitions. Weights for 50+ shows how easy it is for anyone ― at any age ― to get started with weights. Ulysses Press. Weight training is one of the fastest, improve muscle tone, most effective ways to lose fat, and strengthen bones.

Used book in Good Condition. It also helps guard against osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Last but not least, the author shows how to have fun and enjoy a workout for staying young. It teaches exercises that are suited to varying ages and degrees of strength, easy, intermediate, including super-easy, and advanced.

The program in weights for 50+ focuses on the use of small free weights starting at just 3 lbs. And includes stretches and release moves ― everything readers need to design a personalized weekly exercise plan.

End Everyday Pain for 50+: A 10-Minute-a-Day Program of Stretching, Strengthening and Movement to Break the Grip of Pain

End everyday pain for 50+ presents a complete 10-minute-a-day program to correct previous damage, develop healthier joints, and stay pain free at any age. This book’s step-by-step approach provides quick relief and lasting solutions by fixing your body’s alignment through simple stretching and movement.

End muscle and joint painyou’ve probably heard that as you get older, you are guaranteed to have more muscle and joint pain. That’s simply not true. No matter what part of your body is hurting, end everyday pain for 50+ offers a treatment to heal it, including:• Neck Stiffness• Shoulder Bursitis• Tendinitis• Hip Misalignment• Headaches• Lower Back Pain• Sciatica• Meniscal Tears Ulysses Press.

These chronic ailments arise from years of decreased activity and poor posture—not aging. Used book in Good Condition.

Stretching to Stay Young: Simple Workouts to Keep You Flexible, Energized, and Pain Free

Those who enjoy an active lifestyle find that regular stretching improves athletic performance and decreases the risk of injury. Jessica Matthews knows how important stretching is. But this isn’t our natural state―in fact, our bodies were designed for movement. Stretching is a gentle, simple activity that anyone can do.

Ulysses Press. Doctors often “prescribe” stretching to patients to alleviate ongoing aches and pains, as well as improve range of motion and flexibility. In these pages you’ll find:detailed illustrations that provide visual aids for the correct positioning of your bodyeasy-to-understand explanations of the cutting edge research behind each stretch and how it works“Change it up” tips for modification that allow you to increase or decrease intensity level while stretchingThe most current, up-to-date information on the basic how-to’s of proper stretching Beginning to end guidance―from preparation to self-customization, Stretching to Stay Young delivers stretching options that consider your current issues and the lifestyle you want to leadNo matter your age or level of activity, Stretching to Stay Young will take the confusion out of starting and put the enjoyment into stretching.

And the less we move, the tighter our muscles and joints become. In stretching to stay young, jessica meets you at your current level of stretching ability and guides you step-by-step through each stretch, arming you with the confidence you need to progress into deeper levels of stretching for enhanced flexibility and strength over time.

Stretching to stay young is your all-in-one guide to creating a stretching regimen that is tailor fit to your specific needs. Used book in Good Condition.

Anatomy of Exercise for 50+: A Trainer's Guide to Staying Fit Over Fifty

The exercises in anatomy of exercise for 50+ will support good health at any age, diabetes, as well as medical conditions like heart disease, colon cancer, balance and fatigue, osteoporosis, but for those over fifty they can help in the prevention of age-related problems like joint mobility, arthritis and Alzheimer's.

A new addition to the best-selling series, for the burgeoning over 50 population. Their revolutionary approach is the combination of photographs and lifelike anatomical drawings that reveal in colorful detail exactly which muscles are engaged and benefitting from each exercise. Those who want to take control of their health at whatever age, fitness trainers, and activity managers in community care facilities, physiotherapists, retirement homes and nursing homes will find Anatomy of Exercise for 50+ an instructive and practical resource.

Althea Press. Used book in Good Condition. Anatomy of exercise for 50+ follows the successful format of the "Anatomy of" books--Anatomy of Exercise, Anatomy of Muscle Building, Anatomy of Yoga--which have together sold more than 100, 000 copies. Studies abound confirming what we all know: use it or lose it.

The contents are: introduction: staying fit at any age full-body anatomy Warm-Ups Stretches Upper-Body Exercises Core Strengthening Exercises Core Stabilizing Exercises Healthy Back Exercises Lower-Body Exercises Yoga-Based Exercises Swiss Ball Exercises. The book's organization allows the user to approach the exercise according to his or her needs or by the type of exercise.


Physique After 50: How to Use Resistance Training to Feel Great, Maintain Muscle & Fight the Effects of Aging

Physique after 50 argues that physique training doesn’t have to end the moment you turn fifty. The hormonal realities of aging for both men and women, and what that means for you and your training. Three different workout programs geared specifically for the "Physique After 50" demographic. Buy physique after 50 and join the "Platinum club" today! Ulysses Press.

Althea Press. Forget about it” — what forms of training to ignore or simply stop using entirely as you age. How to balance rest and recovery with training. Used book in Good Condition. What elements of the warmup are more important and how most people do these things wrong. Physique after 50 offers real-world, practical training advice from Coach Scott Abel.

At the same time, as you age there are real physical and hormonal changes going on in your body. Physique after 50 book tells you how to do exactly that. There is also advice on progressing from one program to the next. Bodypart-specific training “tweaks” to avoid injuries especially those "overuse" injuries that are often related to age.

You can choose which of the three programs is right for you depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trainee. Being fifty is not the same as forty, so of course your exercise needs to account for this.

Strength Training Exercises for Women: Tone, Sculpt, and Stay Strong for Life

Ulysses Press. Althea Press. Used book in Good Condition. Packed with more than 200 visual step-by-step exercises designed to burn calories, and tone the body, strengthen the core, Strength Training for Women is a must-have for core-conscious women who want to target key areas of their body and maintain all-round strength and fitness.

. Anatomy of exercise for 50 A Trainer s Guide to Staying Fit Over Fifty.

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program: Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong, Fit, and Sexy

The importance of “whole-body” strength training and “rebooting the core. Plus, the twenty-five sacred Exercises that will be the foundation for your strength-training routine for life. Based on the science that shows how we can turn back our biological clocks by a combination of aerobics and strength fitness, and joy—and it goes deep enough to be your exercise companion for life, endurance, strength, it’s a guide that will show every reader how to live with newfound vibrancy, confidence, even if you eventually take it to Masters levels.

Younger next year: the exercise program combines the best information from the New York Times bestselling Younger Next Year with the cutting-edge knowledge and workouts from Thinner This Year. Anatomy of exercise for 50 A Trainer s Guide to Staying Fit Over Fifty. The five amazing things aerobic exercise will do for your body, and finding the method that works for you.

Althea Press. Here is the revolutionary 10-minute warm-up critical for maintaining ankle, shoulder, and hip mobility. Ulysses Press. Used book in Good Condition. The definitive exercise book that the one-million-plus readers of the Younger Next Year® series have been waiting for—and the exercise book that takes the intimidation out of starting a workout routine.

Younger next year the exercise program Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong Fit and Sexy.