A Highlander’s Obsession: A Highlander’s Beloved Novel

Loveswept #ad - Davis’s funny, a highlander’s obsession belongs on the keeper shelf to enjoy again and again, sexy, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, and suspenseful new paranormal romance has shot to the top of my list!”—Dixie Lee Brown, sexy, author of the Trust No One series   “Brilliant, right next to all of Vonnie Davis’s fabulous stories! Get ready to fall in love.

I cursed. Scots, kilts, and bears, oh my!”—sarah grimm, author of the Black Phoenix series   “Vonnie Davis delivers a sexy paranormal romance to tickle your funny bone and leave you sighing. Mackenzie crowne   “a highlander’s obsession is one of those stories you never want to end, a sizzling romance packed with a hot kilted hero, an ancient curse, and the magical beauty of the Highlands.

A Highlander's Obsession: A Highlander's Beloved Novel #ad - But while traveling to scotland for a relative’s funeral, Paisley fears that she really has lost her mind. I laughed. Out in the highlands, she hears distinctly human thoughts coming from a wild bear. His mistrust only deepens when he realizes she can read his mind. Yet he cannot deny that this tantalizing woman makes him burn with desire—and hunger for the prospect of a tender love.

Davis for creating this memorable paranormal romance. Aj nuest, author of the golden key Chronicles   “Sexy and funny with characters that walk straight into your heart.


Guardians Boxset Books 1-3

#ad - I couldn't wait to get back to it. The book had twists/turns, drama, intrigue, emotions and romance. While his sanity balances on a razor’s edge, it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to the evil inside him. With seth’s dark side edging closer, he prays he can keep it together long enough to protect her through the challenges she must face.

Even got irritated when the phone would ring!""Marcus and Cassie have great chemistry and the sexy scenes were steamy and descriptive - just how I prefer my PNR. You won't be able to put it down until you read the last sentence. I got hardly anything done while reading this story. He tries to resist the woman fated to be his, but when she ends up in trouble, instinct demands he protect her.

Guardians Boxset Books 1-3 #ad - After the love of her life ditches her at the altar, Cassie swears off men forever. As a dragon, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Problem is, he’s a figment of her wild imagination, at least until he steps into her life for real. As if having the sexy dragon save the day isn’t bad enough, she soon realizes they are destined to be together.

Mating is out of the question. The abduction of a goddess intertwines their paths once again, spiraling them to the brink of passion. Without understanding why, he asks to take Lileta as his own, but soon realizes his longing is more than an attraction to a beautiful woman.


A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel

Loveswept #ad - Her life’s purpose is to help others. She’s absolutely brilliant. Melissa snark, author of battle Cry“The beautiful Highlands, witchcraft, and shifters set the scene for this passionate tale. Fresh fiction   “i am such a huge fan of Vonnie Davis. To save herself, kenzie must team up with the shifter who has always stirred her soul—and trust in a passion powerful enough to set her blood aflame.

Praise for a highlander’s passion  “A sexy power play between two characters that brought me to tears with laughter and emotion. I can’t wait for more books in this series. Angel’s guilty pleasures   “an excellent story that had a whole lot of everything I needed to escape the real world for a few hours: lust, the past, the present, love, a touch of mystery and suspense, the future, and a healthy happily ever after.

A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel #ad - Written love   “Quite an entertaining read, exciting and action-packed. Musings of a bookish kitty   “A good read for fans of Katie MacAlister’s books. As a bear-shifter in a pack roaming the Scottish countryside, Bryce Matheson embodies brute force and untamed abandon. Kenzie is a witch who summons her powers to protect those too weak to care for themselves.


Beneath The Blue Moon

Alana Sapphire #ad - I have responsibilities that don't leave room for a relationship. After moving to canid and meeting the small town's sheriff, I think he may just be the one to fulfill them. I not only have to convince her, but the entire pack, that she's the one. Still, a girl has needs. I've waited too long for her. But she's human.

The moment i caught a whiff of Casey Bryan's scent, I knew she was mine. Right Now. Casey**i'm not looking for Mr. Ethan mcKenzie is almost perfect. A purebred--alpha or not--mating with a human is unheard of. He's determined to prove he's the one for me, and when I stare into his chocolate eyes, I'm inclined to believe.

Beneath The Blue Moon #ad - Right, not even Mr. Nothing will keep me from her. For mature audiences. However, the sheriff has secrets. His one flaw? He wants to settle down. Not having a mate makes it even harder, especially with trouble brewing. My secret puts her in danger, but I will protect her with my life.


Bearing It All: A Highlander's Beloved Novel

Loveswept #ad - Once he’s back in human form, Ronan is amused by the mysterious beauty’s fearless attitude—and tempted by her expertly toned physique. Hiding out in a remote cabin, Anisa just needs some time to clear her name. I’m in love with the highlander’s beloved series!”—award-winning author Kelly Moran, on A Highlander’s Passion   “The beautiful Highlands, witchcraft, and shifters set the scene for this passionate tale.

Fresh fiction, on a highlander’s PassionIncludes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles. But what could she possibly be doing in this isolated stretch of the Highlands?   French intelligence agent Anisa Brosseau never imagined she’d be on the CIA’s bad side—until she’s framed for treason and forced to flee in a stolen drone.

Vonnie davis throws in lots of Scots to give texture. Library journal, on a highlander’s obsession   “A sexy power play between two characters that brought me to tears with laughter and emotion. Our female kicked ass, took names, and made sure to get cuddle time in with her big bad bear. Musings and ramblings four stars   “A wonderfully unique series and story, full of laughter and lightness, the perfect escape read.

Bearing It All: A Highlander's Beloved Novel #ad - I am, indeed   “if you enjoy good humor and strong-willed characters, I hope you give this story a try. Written love praise for the highlander’s beloved series   “sexy, magical, kilted men! The perfect romantic read!”—New York Times bestselling author Laura Kaye, and full of hot, on A Highlander’s Obsession   “Altogether fun .

Instead of clawing her to death, Ronan’s inner bear longs to keep her safe.


Nico's Heart RARE Book 1

Dawn Sullivan #ad - What she finds, is a group of men and women who are determined to find Lily and bring her home, even if it means putting their own lives on the line. When nico discovers that jenna is his mate, he vows to move heaven and earth to find her child and keep them both safe. Fate may have a plan, but one man threatens to tear it all apart.

First in the military, and now working for RARE, one of the most elite mercenary teams out there. Nothing mattered to him except his team and their next mission…until she called. With her daughter, and no leads in sight, missing, Lily, Jenna Montgomery reaches out for help. Rare: rescue and retrieval extractions -they took on the missions that no one else wanted and didn’t stop until the job was doneNico Marx has spent his life protecting others.

Nico's Heart RARE Book 1 #ad - What rare does not know, is the impact this one mission is going to have on them all, changing their lives forever. My rare series and white river wolves series are intertwined, and meant to be read in the following order:nico’s heart rarephoenix’s Fate RAREJosie’s Miracle White River WolvesTrace’s Temptation RARESlade’s Desire White River WolvesSaving Storm RAREAngel’s Destiny RAREJanie’s Salvation White River WolvesSable's Fire White River Wolves.


Alpha Turned Wolf Appeal Book 1

Second Shift Publishing #ad - It is not necessary to read the series to enjoy this book. Wolf appeal series:book 1 - alpha turnedBook 2 - Challenge AcceptedBook 3 - Going Deeper. And there’s no better way of making Hillary see that, mind, than giving her himself—body, and soul. Please note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

The normal life she’s made for herself is only upset once a month when the moon calls to her and she has an uncontrollable urge to turn furry and chase small creatures. Though both the wolf and the man are itching to claim her, first he has to convince her that he’s one of the good guys, and that there are certain benefits to being an alpha werewolf.

Alpha Turned Wolf Appeal Book 1 #ad - Note: if you purchase the paperback version, independent, and happy on her own, the Kindle version is free*Not all men are bad…Strong, Hillary has grown from the naïve person she was four years ago after a brutal rape turned her into a werewolf. Until she finally meets another werewolf, this one a gorgeous, sexy guy who is determined to change her mind about one furry man in particular–him.

No, some men are very, very good…The minute Zach scents Hillary he knows she’s the mate he’s been searching for. Only minor editing changes have been made. Alpha turned can be read by itself. And she doesn’t need a man for that.


Crave This! 300 Moons #8

13th Story Press #ad - And orson has a little secret of his own. When her baby boy decides to show off his very special ability Sarah realizes it’s time to learn more about his father, and the adventure begins. Max reynolds has it all: close family, good friends, and a burgeoning logging business. From the skyscrapers of glacier city to the sleepy suburb of Tarker’s Hollow and the wilds of the Blue Ridge mountains Sarah will go to any lengths to offer Orson the future he deserves.

And if they survive their inadvertent camping trip into the stormy woods. Crave this! is a steamy standalone paranormal romance in the 300 Moons Series. Now sarah’s life is filled with love and diapers and her beloved baby Orson. When sarah turns up out of nowhere it’s Max’s chance to show her she needs him too.

Crave This! 300 Moons #8 #ad - If he can keep the bear from frightening her off with his need to claim her. No matter how many local women express their interest he just can’t stop craving the curvy software developer who spent a night of ecstasy in his arms last year. But the burly bear shifter still feels lonely. A craving greater than he can bear…Sarah Bennett has a little secret.

Her single night of heaven with a luscious lumberjack last fall landed her more than just the great time she bargained for.


The Alpha Division: Box Set 1: Shifted Temptations, Shifted Perceptions, A Shifted Wedding

#ad - The alpha division is a special operations team of shifters who keep the peace of their race using any means necessary. Her only resolution is to keep her cool, though that's easier said than done, even with her firm determination to never sleep with a traitor. A shifted weddingtake a glimpse into the alpha division, guns are left at home, when the missions are put to the side, and the claws have been retracted.

In an unusual change of pace, Alex, the team has a couple of nights off before Sam, and Jordan's big day. In foxy's mind, always a traitor, once a traitor, and she refuses to work him. Included in this set: Shifted Temptations, Shifted Perceptions, and A Shifted Wedding. Bringing her into their world, was not part of the plan.

The Alpha Division: Box Set 1: Shifted Temptations, Shifted Perceptions, A Shifted Wedding #ad - Even if he is too desirable for his own good. When foxy and paul are thrown together on a mission, butting heads is an understatement. They want it simple, low key and relaxed. But with every burning glance he shoots her way, and every husky word he utters, she wonders if he's more determined to drive her crazy with lust than anything else.

But one alpha thinks adding a little bit of trouble, never hurt anyone. This collection contains one or more books that are M/F/M menage romances and includes explicit scenes and adult language. Books 1-3 in the Alpha Division series.


Dark Wolf: Wolf Shifter Romance Wild Lake Wolves Book 2

Nokay Press LLC #ad - A demon. You can read them in any order but the smoking hot events within each happen chronologically. These wolves like it rough! If you’re not into that, you might want to sit this one out. He’s spent a decade under the control of a powerful, ruthless Alpha who made him do things that would have broken lesser men.

Though their love may be cursed, the pull between them feels like fate. Can this beauty finally help quell the beast inside of luke? and when tamryn learns the truth about Luke’s past, standalone, can she love him anyway?Reader’s Note: Each book in the Wild Lake Wolves series is a full length, super sexy, cliffhanger free, werewolf shifter romance.

Dark Wolf: Wolf Shifter Romance Wild Lake Wolves Book 2 #ad - However if you like hot, alpha male werewolf shifters and the kickass heroines who will do anything to please them, dominant, then one-click away and enjoy the ride! . What’s worse, she’s been warned about men like Luke. A standalone full length romance novel of sexy, shifter werewolves!Luke Tully has a dark side.

He comes to a far off outpost on Wild Lake lands to see if there’s anything left of the good man he knows he once was. With her irish roots and flaming red hair, she never quite fits in with her mother’s people, the proud Odawa of Oodena, Michigan. Her grandfather calls him Wendigo. But, when luke’s lips brush hers, when his tortured soul calls out to her, she can’t turn away.

But, when he meets tamryn kane, she stirs his wolf and long buried passions within him that just might bring out the darkness inside him he’s tried so desperately to contain.


4: An Alpha Shifter Romance The Silver Moon Pack - The Complete Serial, Parts 1 - Greyson

#ad - From the moment greyson sets eyes on Juno, he knows her for what she is—his fated mate. Though greyson is sexy and sweet, and she could really fall for him, sticking around just isn’t an option, since she’d only be putting him in danger. She’s still rattled after finding out about a world she never knew existed, especially when she’s hiding a huge secret of her own.

And marrying him? That’s definitely not a solution to her messed up life. There can be no other for him, which poses its own set of problems when he finds her standing over the dead body of a bear shifter from a rival clan. Juno has a massive problem and accidentally killing a man in self-defense is just the start of it.

4: An Alpha Shifter Romance The Silver Moon Pack - The Complete Serial, Parts 1 - Greyson #ad - With juno’s life on the line, can greyson convince her to take a chance on him, knowing he’ll not only keep her safe but make her happy or will she risk it all to keep him from the curse she has no control over? From ny times and usA Today bestselling author Cali MacKay. With the dead man’s family seeking revenge, making her a protected member of his wolf pack—but that’s going to take a whole lot of convincing, the only way to keep her safe is for them to get married, especially when Juno looks panicked and ready to bolt.