500 Years Later

And Canada only. Nr. 116 minutes. English. Region 1 u. S. Multiple formats, Color, NTSC. Crime, poverty, incarceration, self hatred, poor education, and broken homes plague people of African descent globally. Why? from the onset of the African holocaust of enslavement and colonialism, Africans are still struggling for basic freedom.

It chronicles the struggle of a people who have fought, and continue to fight, for the most essential human right - self determination. Filmed in five continents, 500 Years Later is a critically acclaimed, multi award winning journey infused with the spirit and music of liberation.

Hidden Colors 5: The Art of Black Warfare

In this installment, the film explores the history of warfare as it relates to global Black society. The film is broken down into 7 chapters that examines the ways the system of racism wages warfare from a historical, sexual, educational, health, psychological, biological, and military perspective. Hidden colors 5 is the final installment of the critically acclaimed Hidden Colors documentary series.


Maafa 21: Black Genocide In 21st Century America

Documentary detailing the fouding of Planned Parenthood and showing links between the views of its founder and the targeting of African American neighborhoods by abortion providers.

Elementary Genocide

Umar johnson hidden Colors 1 & 2, Dr. Elementary genocide exposes the socially engineered mechanism created by our government & utilizing the public school system to label elementary aged African American males as work for hire targets within the US penal system. Starring Dr. Many refuse to believe there is a corporate attack on the minds & social development, & productivity of Black youth through intercepting their educational, economical & resulting in statistically funneling them through the revolving doors of the criminal justice system.

. Boyce watkins & rapper Killer Mike. Factory sealed DVD. Elementary genocide confirms this theory & families, so that we can reclaim our young men & seeks to educate parents, teachers & ensure the future of the community.

Out Of Darkness

The film will be broken into 3 parts acts 1, ii, & iii: act 1 - african civilization history Act II - European Colonization Psychology/Post-Trauma Act III - African World Revolution Hip Hop & Nationhood Out of Darkness is narrated by Prof. James Small, Dr. Out of darkness will explore the nubian/kushitic origins of Nile Valley Civilization, contact between Africa and the Americas since the times of antiquity, as well as the influence of the Moors in Europe leading to Europe's intellectual Renaissance.

Out of darkness is a full length three-part documentary by director Amadeuz Christ +, the African cultural contribution to the nations of the world, examining the untold history of African people, and the events that have contributed to the condition of African people today. Umar johnson, Dr. Claud anderson, Tim Wise, Prof.

Joy degruy, sabir bey, anthony Browder, Atlantis Browder, and Taj Tarik Bey. Factory sealed DVD. Kaba kamene and co-stars Dr. In addition, the concept of white supremacy, the film will analyze the history of modern day racism, the impact of Hip Hop as a social movement, and the idea of nationhood.

Elementary Genocide 2

Featuring interviews with noted educator and Black psychologist Dr. Factory sealed DVD. Teske, fearless former U. S. Over 30 states graduate less than 60% of their Black male students in public elementary, middle and high schools. The board of incarceration proves that something sinister is afloat by digging deep to explore its origin, its existence and how to plot its destruction to save every Black child.

Since 1954, the black prison population has grown from 98, 000 to nearly 900, 000 today. Congresswoman cynthia mckinney, former political prisoner and Black Liberation Army co-founder Dhoruba bin Wahad, popular social commentator Dr. At the state and local level, Black students in public schools receive significantly less per student funding than white students.

Rahiem shabazz continues the conscience-raising dialogue generated by his acclaimed documentary Elementary Genocide: The School To Prison Pipeline with his equally hard-hitting Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration. Steve perry and more, the board of education vs The Board of Incarceration uncovers the true purpose of today's educational system and how it's failing the African child.

Going beyond the school-to-prison pipeline headlines and conspiracy theories, The Board of Education Vs. One out of every 3 Black men born today will go to prison. Black women born today are 6 times more likely to go to prison than white women.

1804: The Hidden History of Haiti

Factory sealed DVD. This documentary give a competing look into the strategies, the motivation and the mindset that led to Haiti being the only slave population who successfully overthrew their oppressors. Produced by the creator of the best-selling hidden colors film series, Dutty Bookman, 1804 goes in-depth about the four principal players who were instrumental in Haiti s independence: Makandal, Toussaint Louvature, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

1804: the hidden history of Haiti is a documentary film about the untold history of the Haitian Revolution.

Elementary Genocide 3

The documentary revisits the importance of education and its impact on self-image, family structure, financial freedom and the collective future of African/Indigenous people in America and aboard. Award winning Documentary Series. Elementary genocide 3: academic Holocaust adds more statistical proof of the scholastic inequalities faced by Original people around the country.

. Boyce watkins, hip-hop artist and education avocate david banner, esteemed Pan-Afrikan scholar and Professor James Small, and Kaba Kamene, international homeschooling advocate Samori Camara, National Talk Show Host and Lecturer Michael Imhotep and best-selling author Shahrazad Ali. Shabazz, was able to illustrate the hypocrisy behind America's public school system and how the infrastructure is designed to keep people of color from developing the capacity to recreate themselves, their families and their institution with their own hands Factory sealed DVD.

With commentary from some of the 21th Century's greatest minds of the African diaspora in America, such as Financial Scholar and Social Commentator Dr.

Goodbye Uncle Tom

Shrink-wrapped. The detroit chronicle hailed it as “a graphic, moving, nerve-paralyzing film. Legendary film critic Pauline Kael called it “the most specific and rabid incitement of the race war. Three decades cannot diminish GOODBYE UNCLE TOM's impact or quiet its controversy. This is the complete 123-minute english version of goodbye uncle tom, fully restored from the original vault negatives, loaded with incredible Extras and now presented totally uncut, uncensored, and virtually unseen since its abortive theatrical release more than 30 years ago.

It was advertised as “the first motion picture based on historical facts about the rise and revolt of slavery in America. It became one of the most reviled and misunderstood films of its time. Award winning Documentary Series. Written, produced and directed by gualtiero jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, edited, this epic recreation of the American slave trade atrocities was both condemned as depraved exploitation and acclaimed as an unprecedented cry of Black anguish and rage.

. Factory sealed DVD.

The Jew a Negro: Being a Study of the Jewish Ancestry from an Impartial Standpoint

They are not recognized as Jews by the greater Jewish community. Abernethy — a preacher, as well as his ancestors in other times, and rustic journalist — sought to demonstrate through ‘ethnology’ and ‘Scriptural proofs’ how ‘the Jew of to-day, professor, is the kinsman and descendant of the Negro.

Black hebrew israelites also called black Hebrews, African Hebrew Israelites, and Hebrew Israelites are groups of Black Americans who believe that they are descendants of the ancient Israelites. He was a gifted speaker and author a score of historical books, as well as being the youngest son of the founder of Rutherford College.

Arthur T. The most the startling book of the year. Its research is unanswerable. Literary digest abernethy’s 1910 book “The Jew a Negro” has been analyzed by numerous modern authors studying race relations in earlier times in America. He was elected to the american Association for the Advancement of Science and became the poet laureate of North Carolina.

In the mid-1980s, the number of black hebrews in the United States was between 25, 000 and 40, 000. Shrink-wrapped. Grouped with blacks.

Spirituality Before Religions: Spirituality is Unseen Science...Science is Seen Spirituality

2nd law– love and respect the Creator in Nature the same way you love the Creator within yourself. Anytime someone says their god is ugly and they release their God and embraces someone else’s God, there is no hope for their freedom until they once more believe in their own concept of the Deity. 1dr. If not, they will never have a healthy “self-concept.

He reminds us, “anytime you turn on your own concept of God, you are no longer a free man or woman. Over time, they explored the Earth and laid the foundations for all other ethnic stocks and cultures world-wide. As we enter into the age of Aquarius, we must recognize that it is the Age of the Feminine Principle.

Award winning Documentary Series. Man was provided from the start with the presence of a unit of divine fire within the heart of his own way to the goal of glory. The great lakes region includes countries we today call Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Congo, and Southern Africa. African educator, Dr. Kuhn continues his thought, “the balanced forces of human uplift would be thrown into immediate chaos if it were in the end possible for a man to achieve his apotheosization deification of a person vicariously, or in any other way than through his own effort.

Factory sealed DVD. Alvin boyd kuhn says, how fanatically the worshipper pours out adoration to a person in objective life, “No matter how emotionally, the work of his own evolution is not accomplished until he effectuates the ultimate divinization of the nuclear potentiality of deific fire within his own self-controlled area of consciousness” Dr.